12 Best Boating Communities in Southeast Florida

Southeast Florida has some of the best boating communities in the United States. These communities offer an ideal environment for people to spend a good time, especially those who are in their golden years.

If you’re a retiree or planning to be one, then you should consider one of these 12 boating communities to enjoy your retirement years:

Marina in Grand Harbor, Vero Beach, Florida

1. Century Village Deerfield Beach

Century Village is located at Deerfield Beach. It is one of the boating communities that have an age restriction for individuals aged 55 years and above. Residents can enjoy access to the beach where they enjoy a wide range of water activities.

The place is comfortable and suited for the lifestyles of aged people. You can find various facilities for shopping, dining, and medical purposes, helping save the community the trouble of traveling long distances just to look for essential goods and services.

Apart from that, there are two clubhouses in the community alongside several social and recreation facilities such as pools, fitness centers, arts, and many more. Also, residents have a chance to use the 18 golf course and 9 tennis courts for their gaming activities.

2. Ballenisles Country Club

This club is located at the heart of Palm Beach in Florida. Initially, it was a PGA National Golf Club acting as home to members of the Professional Golfers Association. Three main golf courses allow residents to enjoy playing golf. The courses were a major place where golfers in the 1960s and 1970s meet to challenge each other and show their skills in the game.

The club is located in a secure environment and is only 15 minutes away from the Florida Atlantic coast. Around 33 unique neighborhoods are surrounding the community comprising of residential estates, single-family dwellings, and condos along the lake.

Moreover, the area has witnessed recent improvements: the golf clubhouse has been renovated, and a sports complex that includes a tennis center was constructed.

3. Grand Harbor

Grand Harbor is the waterfront of the Vero Beach Resort. It is one of the best boating communities in Florida as well as in the entire United States. In addition to the beautiful natural environment, the area is also rich in wildlife. There are many amenities for retired people and their families. The facilities include two major golf courses, deep-slip marina, tennis ground, and a swimming center among others.

The Grand Harbor coast has appealing white sand beaches. Boating lovers can get access to the Indian River and the Atlantic Ocean to enjoy their boating activities. Residents get a chance to enjoy the amazing cultures and art of the area. The planning of this community has maintained its uniqueness to beat the effects of rapid increment in population. The area is also a major leader in education, sports, and arts.

4. Harbour Ridge

Harbour Ridge is located at Palm City in Florida. It is a private development that offers a cool environment for an ideal boating community. Located in North Fork of St. Lucie River, it has a two-mile view of pristine deep waters and a one-mile view of the St. Lucie River.

Harbour Ridge is rich in sanctuaries and several marina pods. The pods have access to the coastal waters and locks that lead to Lake Okeechobee where several facilities, including natural habitats, are found.

5. Indian River Club

The Indian River Club is a community that is located in Vero Beach. It has a low-density population housed in the gated community and has an excellent selection of single dwellers, family homes, and condos.

Apart from that, there are several recreation facilities, including one of the best golf clubs in the US. The course can host both local and international events.

Indian River Club is located close to the Atlantic Ocean where boat lovers can enjoy their boating activities or the breeze from the ocean.

6. Century Village Boca Raton

Century Village is situated at the scenic Palm Beach and features several shopping and entertainment facilities that can give the active adult community a chance to enjoy their retirement life. Residents can enjoy trips to the beach around the Atlantic coastline.

Direct access to waters allows residents to engage in various boating activities. Outside the waters, you can enjoy ground various activities such as golfing and tennis.

The village is situated near Turnpike which allows for easy access to other parts of Florida. There are partying and game rooms where residents can entertain their guests. Also, residents get to enjoy one of the lowest maintenance lifestyles in Florida, which are ideal for retired individuals.

7. John’s Island

Located at Vero Beach, John’s Island is a small region of approximately 1650 acres of land surrounded by water and pristine beaches. It offers a perfect view of the ocean and easy access to the waters for the boating enthusiasts.

Also, several amenities create an ideal recreation site for the community with state-of-the-art gaming facilities. Besides, it is one of the most preferred destinations for retirees.

Since its establishment about 40 years ago, more than 500 top CEOs and successful businessmen have settled on John’s Island where they initially came to spend quality time with their children and grandchildren. Since then, the place has been developed as a family-oriented facility.

8. Piper’s Landing Yacht

Piper’s Landing Yacht is nestled in St. Lucie River and boasts of some of the best golf courses in the entire United States. There are several tennis courts where residents can enjoy tennis games.

The region has 49 slip marinas which allow you to enjoy boating activities. Meanwhile, homes have a waterfront that can give residents direct access to boating activities, especially during summer.

Piper’s Landing Yacht is known for sailfish activities where fish are caught and released back to the ocean. In a three-day fishing contest, more than a thousand fish were caught and released back to the ocean.

Due to these activities, Piper’s Landing has become one of the most renowned fishing and aquatic culture centers in the US.

9. Ocean Reef Club

Ocean Reef Club is situated at the northernmost end of Key Largo, Florida and is considered one of the best private club communities. It has several facilities to serve its members. The most notable one is the 175 slip marina that attracts many boat lovers to enjoy their activities. In addition, boaters can get a chance to enjoy other facilities when they are not in the waters.

Ocean Reef Club has two golf clubs, a tennis ground, and a well-established cooking school where anyone can join to learn more about food. There are a total of 1,700 waterfront facilities comprising of private homes, waterfront estates, villas, and condos. These facilities are situated in a location that ensures maximum view and access to the ocean, marina, as well as inland waterways.

Aside from that, the area also comes with its own private airport.

10. Sailfish Point

This boating community is located at Stuart, Florida. Sailfish Point is an island that offers several recreation activities. With a 5-mile shoreline and an oceanfront, residents are assured of a variety of boating activities.

The area has a functional marina that gives direct access to the ocean. As a beachfront country club, it allows the boating community to enjoy their time when they are not boating. Moreover, there is a golf club for the members. Almost every home in this community comes with beachfront and direct access to the golf course.

Sailfish Point is considered one of the most preferred facilities for boaters and golfers. In addition to the beach, the island also has access to the St. Lucie inlet.

11. Silver Shores

Located in Key Largo, Florida, Silver Shores is one of the best places for retired individuals. It is ideal for people aged 55 years and above who are still active and want to enjoy various recreational activities. The community has an oceanfront which offers direct access to the waters to enjoy multiple water activities.

Homes in Silver Shores offer a perfect ocean view. There are various facilities such as heated swimming pools, pickleball courts, tennis courts, bocce, library, shuffleboard, and more. These facilities allow the community to host various events throughout the year.

Moreover, several food joints offer seafood. The area also boasts of some of the best medical facilities in the world.

12. Kings Point Delray Beach

This place offers a great life for the retirees. It is ideal for individuals aged 55 and above. There are three clubhouses to ensure that residents can enjoy a socially and physically active experience which is crucial for people in retirement.

The clubhouses come with well-equipped fitness centers where the retirees can work out, a theatre where they can enjoy a movie, and a card room where they can enjoy a game of poker and billiards.

Outside the clubhouses, residents can enjoy swimming in the pools. There are also several golf courses and tennis courts. Situated only a few miles from the beach, locals usually organize trips to the Atlantic coastline to enjoy boating activities. Residents also have access to all the necessary amenities such as medical and shopping facilities.


As a retiree, the only thing that’s left for you is to live out the remainder of your years living in complete comfort and convenience. That said, if you have the budget and have a preference for boating activities, then living in one of these boating communities can be your best bet.

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