Does It Snow in Delaware? (Delaware Winter Guide)

Delaware enjoys a moderate climate all year round. But with an average summer temperature of 74.3°F, you must have wondered, ‘Does it snow in Delaware?’

Yes, it does snow in Delaware, despite being close to the sea and having reasonably mild winters. Although uncommon, snow falls from December to March, with February being the snowiest. Wilmington gets the most snow, while Lewes receives the least.

But apart from answering the question – does it snow in Delaware – this article also gives you tips on how to get through Delaware winters and the best snowy adventures that you wouldn’t want to miss.

Delaware River Frozen Winter

Delaware Climate

The state’s average monthly temperatures aren’t quite extreme, ranging from 32°F to nearly 76°F throughout the year. During the summer, it’s sunny 57% of the time, while the state gets about 45 inches of rainfall annually. If you’re staying along the Atlantic Coast, it’s about 10° warmer in the winter, but it’s also 10° cooler during summers.

Here’s a quick look at Delaware’s climate year-round:

Hottest MonthJuly86.5°F
Wettest MonthSeptember4.4 inches of rain
Driest MonthFebruary2.9 inches of rain
Snowiest MonthFebruary5.5 inches of snow
Coldest Nighttime TemperatureJanuary25.3°F
Nighttime Low Temperature89 daysBelow freezing

How Cold is Delaware in the Winter?

With the state’s four-season continental climate and hazards per season, winters in Delaware are cold but relatively mild, being near the sea.

What Months Does It Snow in Delaware?

Delaware snow falls from December to March but is uncommon, mainly because the state’s temperatures are usually too warm. The average temperature can be anywhere between 40 and 50°F from December to February.

Delaware State Forest With Winter Snow

Where Does It Snow in Delaware?

Delaware gets an average of 13 inches of snow per year. Here’s the breakdown of snowfall across its towns, averaged from 1991 to 2020:

Dover4.9 days13.2 inches
Greenwood5.3 days12.8 inches
Lewes2.9 days10.5 inches
Wilmington10.7 days20.2 inches

Delaware Winter Perks

Does it snow in Delaware? Yes, and there are plenty of things to do. Enjoy the outdoors, delectable cuisines, and exciting coastal towns. Whether it’s a relaxing getaway cozying up near a crackling fireplace or a stroll along snow-swept trails with your snowshoes (view on Amazon), the following destinations and activities are memories worth keeping.

Delaware Snow Adventures

Magical Lights

Drive through towns that gleam with an exquisite array of lights, and Delaware has several fantastic displays! There’s Smith’s Lights atop a hill. The Faucher Home in New Castle is legendary, glimmering with millions of lights.

Train Ride

Hop aboard the Holiday Lights Express from Wilmington and Western Railroad with the Delaware snow as your backdrop. Thousands of lights will keep you company as you cruise along the Red Clay Valley countryside.

Winter Wonderful

Enjoy a wintery backdrop as you explore great Delaware outdoors through the Delaware Discoveries Trail. There also are snow-covered paths in Delaware State Parks for your hiking adventure. Are you shopping for a Christmas tree? There is a wide selection at its top farms like the McCarthy and Colemans Christmas Tree Farm.

Beach in Winter

Who said you couldn’t enjoy the beach during winter? When you sail aboard Cape May-Lewes Ferry, you get an even bluer view of the ocean as you feel the winter air caress your cheeks. Vendors in the shopping alleys of Rehoboth Beach also go all out, setting up a giant Christmas tree by its famous bandstand.

Cape May-Lewes Ferry, Delaware

Spa Getaway

Looking to thaw away the snowy chill? Hit the Inn at Montchanin for some cozy, relaxing time.

Perk Up Your Holiday Spirit

Can’t get enough of Christmas? Head out to Downtown Milford, where the streets are bright with Christmas lights and beaming with decorations like wreaths and trees that will surely peak your holiday spirit.

Delaware Winter Attractions

Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge

This Delaware winter destination takes pride in its 12-mile wildlife drive. You can explore the largest remaining expanses of tidal salt marsh in the mid-Atlantic region from the warm comfort of your car.

The Yarn Maven

Wouldn’t it be great to pick up a hobby or learn something new while enjoying the snow in Delaware? Why not check out The Yarn Maven. Apart from supplies like knitting kits, you also get some inside tricks and tips on creating your first masterpiece.

Brandywine Creek State Park

While once a dairy farm, this park now has three preserves that spell a great outdoor experience for you. Its 1,100 acres is spectacular for hiking and is one of the best parks to sled in Delaware snow.

Yuletide at Winterthur

Experience Delaware’s Christmas tradition with a fantastic walkthrough at DuPont estate packed with holiday décor and dozens of Christmas trees. Just make sure that you’re quick to get your tickets because they sell out fast!

Lewes Winter Wonderfest

This is a massive celebration at Cape Henlopen State Park where you can breathe in the spirit of the season, from driving through spectacular light shows in a Christmas village to an enjoyable, fun time at the ice rink.

Hagley Museum and Library

Hagley is where you’d find the first DuPont home in the US. Its museum and library decorate for the yuletide season. It also hosts tons of activities for locals and tourists alike every year.

Historic New Castle

In Delaware winter, many of the homes at Historic New Castle open their doors for tours. You are served with Victorian tea, and there are outdoor pop-up theaters worth exploring.

Diamond State Curling Club

If you haven’t heard of this Olympic sport yet, get ready to get addicted once you join the club!

Delaware Winter Tips

Clearing Snow Off Car Windshield

It always pays to be prepared before winter comes in Delaware. So, whether you’re experiencing snow for the first time or the winter chill is just a breeze, the checklist we curated for you will go a long way.

Basic Supplies

Delaware may not be a snow haven, but the unpredictability of weather can get you stranded at home. Stock up on necessities like food, water, flashlights, and blankets. If you have children or pets, consider their immediate needs.

Back-up Plan

What do you do during a power outage? Do you have enough kindling for the fireplace? Are there provisions in your home if neighbors, friends, or extended family members need to bunk in with you? When winter turns worse, these situations may arise at a moment’s notice, so make sure you’re ready.

Pipes Care

Repeated freezing and thawing of pipes in your home may cause them to break eventually. Make it a habit to check them regularly, winter season or not. Have a trusted plumber on speed dial if you’re not handy around the house.

Gas Up

A half-full gas tank is sufficient, but a full tank would go a long way, particularly in emergencies when you have to drive far.

‘De-snow’ the Car

Clear snow off your car as often as possible. Snow-covered parts like mirrors, lights, and windows may compromise your driving, potentially hurting you or others.

Basic Winter Necessities

Whether you’re enjoying winter at home or splurging in the joys of Delaware snow, we compiled some basic winter essentials that you shouldn’t be without.

  • Snow shovel
  • Space heater
  • Humidifier (view on Amazon)
  • Door draft stopper
  • Flashlights
  • Car ice scraper
  • Winter-appropriate coats
  • Indoor and Outdoor Gloves
  • Winter hats
  • Weighted blankets
  • Warm yet comfortable sweaters
  • Snow boots

Conclusion: Does It Snow in Delaware?

Yes, and winter is a great time to visit Delaware. There are tons of activities and destinations to fill your bucket list, not to mention the Delaware traditions that you get to know and experience. If you don’t want to miss what snow in Delaware has to offer, start planning your adventure early because once Delaware opens its doors, the state fills up fast!

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