How Many Villages Are in the Villages, Florida?

If you’re planning for a vacation, place the Villages on your list. Every single night, the three town centers in the Villages offer a lively night ambiance through music and dancing. Aside from that, these areas are surrounded by cafes, shops, and almost all kinds of eateries. Playing golf is surprisingly inexpensive, and you won’t worry about looking for medical providers, stores, and churches. All of these can be found in the Villages.

How many villages are in the Villages, Florida? There are roughly 81 villages in the Villages of Florida and counting. While others are big, some are relatively small. Two of the most common small villages are the Bridgeport Village in Lake Miona and the Rio Grande Village.

According to the villagers, among the villages, there are considered bad villages, but their names were not mentioned. Overall, villagers, as what they call themselves, are hospitable and friendly and they can provide accommodation to the visitors all-year-round.

The Villages, Florida


The Villages is composed of 81 villages and counting with more than 70,000 residents as of the December 2018 census which was conducted by the Census Bureau. It is located right beside Lake Miona facing the South and Lake Sumter Landing in the Southwest. Apart from that, it is surrounded by the following:

  • Fruitland Park- 5, 429 population as of 2017
  • Wildwood City- 6,311 population as of 2017
  • Lady Lake – 14, 859 population as of 2017
  • Leesburg- 23, 358 population as of 2017
  • Fruitland Lady Park Lake- 31, 404 population as of 2017
  • The Villages- 74, 618 population as of 2017
  • Wildwood CCD- 91, 477 population as of 2017

The Census Bureau also notice a population increase of 23, 176 number of residents between the year 2010 to 2017 which accounts for 45% of the total population of the substantially big place in Sumter County. A comparison was held, and it shows 45.1% of population change with a 7.9% population change among the nearby area. Based on the consensus of people living in an area per square mile (sq. mi), the Villages has about 2,420 people per square mile and is ranked first compared to other nearby places.

The Villages is named as the “Friendliest Retirement Hometown of Florida.” That said, most people that reside in the Villages are mostly over the age of 60. Based on the census, the Villages have the most numbers of people over the age of 50 living with a median age number of 70.9 years old.

From this report, men’s median age is 71. 8, while women’s age is 70 or about 2.6% difference. About 36.8% of this population is between the ages of 60 to 69 and has the largest displacement of age 70 and above at 54.4%. Among the total population, 98.3% of the Villages residents are white and only 1.8% of people living with the Hispanic or Latino race.

More women are living in Villages, which accounts for 54%. Most of the Villages residents are married with a total percentage of 78%, followed by Widowed at 11%. Around 71% are people living with their families, and 97.6% are households with families. There are only 2% of the total birth rate in the Villages.

Things To Do When In The Villages

Golf Course

The age-restricted the Villages in central Florida has so much to offer. Plenty of snowbirds flocked in this place and amenities that are so many to visit. There are many active activities every single night and upcoming events especially created for retirees.

Find new friends

There are many activities to do in the Villages with almost every night of dancing and singing. Clubs are also present which can be easily joined. Garden clubs and Alumni clubs, for example, are something to look forward to. Meeting new friends is not difficult as there are activities for adults like bocce ball, shuffleboard, horseshoe and more.

Spend your days with grandkids as well with pools that are family-friendly and take your dinner with the family to the finest restaurants and eateries. There are also worship places to visit with almost open to all faithful believers.

Challenge with new activities

There is a list of hobbies and new activities just in the Villages which would take boredom off your vocabulary. Try to do pottery in some pottery shops or go fishing in the afternoon in its public ponds. Apart from that, adults can also enjoy things most kids would love to do, like making crafts and arts and dance classes.


Surprisingly, the Villages is one of the most inexpensive places to play golf. It is also the place with high numbers of golf members and has the most prestigious amenities and shops. Executive courses such as 38 nine-holes can be found in the Villages and courses that are designed by established golf players such as Nancy Lopez and Arnold Palmer.

Adults exercise too

Take a walk or jog in the Villages and there would be a large number of fitness centers and gyms all around the place. There are more than 1,000 courses to choose from, with personal trainers and spa areas. The weather also plays an important role. Anyone can enjoy jogging or running in the morning and in the afternoon. Pools are everywhere too and plenty of swimming classes like water aerobics in addition to many land activities like basketball, baseball, and tennis.

Enjoy the Villages events

The three town squares of the Villages offers a lovely evening ambiance with singing and dancing. Performances are open and free to all ages. The town squares also have a plethora of shops and cafes that provide live music performances. Discover the Villages theatre with other upcoming plays and enjoy the evening shows.

Places To Visit In The Villages

Walk in the Park

Lake Griffin State Park

Kayaking and Canoeing are some of the fun activities to do in Lake Griffin State Park. The 250 hectare-land for green spaces and wildlife offers majestic and breathtaking views that are perfect for hiking, biking, and picnic. Aside from that, renting kayaks and canoes, and fishing with the family are also encouraged. If that doesn’t satisfy you, there are also campsites available during the night, rooms, and function places.

Spanish Spring Town Squares

One of the busiest places in the Villages that offers live performances, dances, and singing. It is also a great spot for shopping and strolling, making it uniquely different from the other two town squares. Local stores and shops are distinctly Florida in nature, but the ambiance will take you to the Southern hemisphere. There are plenty of performers every single night and hundreds of activities to do.

Old Mill Playhouse

Catch your breath as Old Mill Playhouse will take you back in history. Watch movies in the Old Mill Playhouse and experience being back to the past with its quintessential architectural design. The place is perfect for a movie date or family date.

Lake Sumter Landing Market Square

Experience shopping at the unique market square and dine in the most delicious restaurants in Lake Sumter. This spot is perfect for a wonderful lake view and bird watching. The only town square that offers lake village ambiance with diners and eateries that are just around the corner. Just like the Spanish Spring Town Square, there are also year-round activities coupled with dancing and singing.

Eisenhower Regional Recreational Center

The biggest recreational center offers arts and crafts for families, both indoor and outdoor sports, and swimming in the pool. There are also occasional meetings and events held in Eisenhower, which is updated through the Villages website.

Brownwood Paddock Square

Unlike the two town squares, the Brownwood Paddock Square is a themed town square that provides a picture of a mid-19th-century cattle town of Florida. Restaurants, shops, and stores are also themed, which help you reminisce the old Villages and more nightly entertainment all over the town square. The contrast of Brownwood to the others is what makes the Villages a unique place for retirement.

Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve

Since 2015, the Sharon Rose Wiechens Preserve is considered to be the largest nature park preserve within the Villages. It has gopher tortoise watch, different species of Florida’s wild plants that were installed before the opening. For those who would prefer to take a break from the nightlife, the serene and eye-catching view of Sharon Rose is surely a great alternative.

Historical Farmall Tractor Museum

The Paquette’s Historical Farmall Tractor Museum is a spot for people who love farming the American way. There are lots of farm equipment, tractors, and farming techniques to choose from. Apart from being a museum, it also has a farm that separates Florida’s sandy soil. The museum is opens from 9 am to 4 pm everyday, except on Mondays. Regular admission is $15/person and becomes $10 for a group of 10. Several events, such as tractor shows are occasionally done in the museum. Children below ten years old are free of admission.

Final Thought

Surely, the Villages is the best place for retirees and family gatherings. It’s no wonder why its population is constantly increasing over the years, and the activities are uniquely designed to give both its residents and visitors leisure and comfort.

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