Is It Better to Live in Florida or California?

From safety to state tax, many variables influence a decision on where to live. However, it can be difficult when you have to choose between two beautiful locations. For example, Florida and California are two exceptionally beautiful states that have a lot to offer. So, which between these two states should you pick?

It helps to know the factors that can affect you and your family the most, such as the climate, ease of transportation, and the community. Doing research can give you relevant information to make your decision as to where you want to live.

Is it better to live in Florida or California? It is better to live in Florida despite California’s better economy. Both states offer a lot of sunshine, and their residents enjoy a laid-back lifestyle compared to others. In Florida, however, there is no state income tax, and housing costs are lower.

Florida is a state in the southernmost part of the US and is known for its pristine beaches and warm climate. If you are thinking of living in Florida, you may want to consider several factors before you commit. In the article, we’ll compare both states and answer some of the top questions.

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Cost of Living in Florida

The idea of living comfortably, away from the chilly climate, probably made you think of moving to the Sunshine State. And with its lower cost of living, you can never go wrong with Florida.

  • Housing cost – The housing costs in Florida is something that you might want to think through. Fortunately, cities such as Jacksonville offer affordable options for homeowners. With the median home value at $186, 519, you can opt to own a home or rent.
  • Utility cost – Besides the cost of housing, you may also want to consider the utility cost while living in Florida. Florida’s energy prices are rather high, and on an average, its residents pay around $126.44 for their monthly electricity bill, which is higher than the national monthly average at $111.67.
  • Food – People associate the Sunshine State with flavorsome food, including the gator, seafood, and Cuban cuisine. Your food preferences may vary, which means you get to spend varying amounts on your food consumption. According to the MIT Living Wage calculator, an adult living alone in Florida may need a living wage of around $25,324 before taxes.
  • Tax – Another factor that attracts people to live in Florida is its low taxes. The tax laws in Florida does not impose state income taxes, while its average property tax rate is lower than the national average.
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Is It Expensive to Live in Florida?

It is cheaper to live in Florida compared to other states in the US. It has a lower overall cost of living, although this assessment is relative. Some people may find it cheaper to live in Florida, but at some point, they may feel that living in this state is costing them more.

A factor that reduces the cost of living in Florida is that you don’t need to pay a state income tax. It is also cheaper to take a vacation, as you don’t need to travel when you want to soak up in the sun.

Is It Dangerous to Live in Florida?

Florida residents tend to worry more about crime than residents in other states. However, reports show that 90% of the Florida cities have below the national property crime rates. Also, all of its cities reported rates that are below the national violent crime rate.

What Is It Like to Live in Florida?

Living in Florida means enjoying the best climate and weather in the world. If you’re visiting from a different state, you know how difficult it is during winter when the chilling temperature makes you feel like you got to move to a warmer place. So you thought of Florida, with its warm temperature along with its cheery sunshine.

Florida Panhandle

Florida Panhandle is another reason to live in the Sunshine State. It is a region in the northwestern part of the state known for its beaches along the Gulf of Mexico. With its quaint beaches and beautiful attractions, anyone can come and enjoy Florida Panhandle with minimal costs.

What Is the Most Expensive City to Live in Florida?

With all of the beautiful places in Miami, this city is the most expensive place in Florida. The housing, rental and other costs of living are way higher in the city. Citizens earning minimum wage may find it very expensive to live here. You may want to consider another Florida city or opt for California.

Living in Florida vs California

Florida and California have many similarities, including a hot climate that requires the installation of air conditioning units in buildings and houses. But while Florida prides itself with its pristine beaches, California features a diverse landscape ranging from mountains to valleys. Living in California just might be suitable for people who find the humid Floridian climate uncomfortable.

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What Is the Coldest Month in Los Angeles?

The coldest month in Los Angeles is during December. It gets very cold during this month, with an average overnight temperature at 48.3°F. For some people, the cold temperature of December means shoveling snow amidst the cold winter weather. But not for Angelenos, who find winter as a perfect time to do things outdoors wearing their blue jeans and a shirt topped by a light sweater.

What Is the Hottest Month of the Year in California?

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the hottest month of the year in California is in July. Preliminary data suggest that overnight temperatures in July are the warmest in most parts of the state.

Is It Expensive to Live in California?

California is an attractive place, given that workers are paid more than most workers in other states. However, it is also expensive to live in this state, as housing, goods, and services can be very expensive.

So how much money do you need to live in California? A computation using the MIT Living Wage Calculator reveals that an adult living alone in this state may require a living wage of $30,392 before taxes.

California vs Florida Cost of Living

California’s many getaways from its majestic mountain ranges to busy streets, make it difficult to trade with the warmer beach towns and humid climate of Florida. Yet, the cost of living is cheaper in the Sunshine State, and it wins hands down in terms of income and state-level sales taxes. Moreover, the real estate prices in California are higher compared to the prices in Florida.

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Safest Cities in California

California is home to the most desirable cities in the entire United States. The recent safety index report reveals that Hillsborough, Palos Verdes Estates, and Beverly Hills are among the safest cities in California. 

The residents in these cities a low-crime rate environment, and they are also assured of quick response time from the police during emergencies. The level of safety felt by the residents makes these places worthy of their rank as the safest cities in California.

The Safest Place to Live in California From Earthquakes

Sacramento is the safest place to live in California from earthquakes. In contrast to other metropolitan areas across California, records and fault maps show that Sacramento does not have many active fault lines.

The city is located in a valley, and its position in a relatively flat ground reduces the impact of seismic activities. A geological survey shows that Sacramento has a fortunate seismological position, which, over the last century, has helped in its escape from the impact of strong earthquakes.

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Why Is California Called the Golden State?

California earned the nickname as the Golden State after it gained popularity during the 1849 California Gold Rush. The state’s colors also include gold for the golden poppies that bloom vibrantly all over the region during spring.

California Baseball Teams

Currently, there are five Major League Baseball teams in California.

  • The Oakland A’s
  • San Francisco Giants
  • LA Dodgers
  • Anaheim Angels
  • San Diego Padres

How Big Is California?

California is a big state and the third-largest state at 163,695 square miles. If it were a country, the state of California would still maintain its position as one of the largest countries across the globe.

With its extensive area, it is not surprising that the state is home to a diverse form of contrasting landscapes. California has varied topographic features, including the Klamath Mountains, the Coastal Ranges, the Sierra Nevada, and Central Valley.

How Many Cities Are in California?

California’s local government consists of 482 cities, with Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, San Francisco and Fresno as the major cities.

  • Los Angeles is located in the Southern part of California and is considered the state’s most populous city. It is the country’s entertainment industry’s birthplace and features the largest port in the US that supports the import and export trade.
  • San Diego is near the Mexico border and is famous for its beaches and theme parks that include the Sea World and San Diego Zoo.
  • San Jose is an inland city that attracts many high-tech industries for its pro-business climate and policies.
  • San Francisco is another popular tourist attraction in California. It is known for its cool summers, rolling hills, distinct landmarks, and interesting historical facts.
  • Fresno is another city that attracts high-tech businesses. The influx of businesses helps increase employment opportunities in the city, encouraging workers and their families to move to Fresno.

Legal Driving Age in California

California offers a graduated driver license program that allows teens to develop essential driving skills to qualify them for a legal license to drive. Teens between 15½ and 17½ may apply for a learner’s permit, while teens at 16 can apply for a provisional driver’s license after completing the driver’s education course.

Which Has More Citric Trees California or Florida?

Florida and California play a significant role in sustaining the citrus industry as both states have the perfect climate for citrus farming. However, Florida has held the position as the largest citrus producer, followed only by California. The US Department of Agriculture ranks Florida as the largest citrus producer, providing about 70% of its supply.

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Conclusion – Is It Better to Live in Florida or California?

If you want a suitable place to live, you can’t go wrong with one between Florida and California. Both are beautiful places with each one famed for features that make them unique to residents and visitors. Living in these states means there are endless outdoor options, although one who prefers the mountains and valleys may prefer California. However, Florida offers a better atmosphere, first for its warmer climate and second for its lower taxes.

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