Is Jacksonville Florida a Good Place to Vacation?

A spectacular state with plenty of sunshine, Florida is an action-packed place perfect for anyone planning to go on a holiday. The Sunshine State has the best places to vacation with its enchanting Everglades and wonderful theme parks. And one can get the most from America’s south-easternmost state by visiting Jacksonville, the largest city in the continental US.

Is Jacksonville Florida a good place to vacation? Yes, Jacksonville is an excellent place to vacation. There’s a lot to do in Jacksonville with its miles of tranquil beaches, outdoor attractions, world-class museums, and superb dining scenes. Families, couples, nature-lovers, and history travelers will always find things to do in Jacksonville.

Jacksonville Florida City Skyline at Night

Things to Do in Jacksonville

Ranked as one of the most value-friendly vacation places in the country, here are some things to do in Jacksonville.

  1. Visit Catty Shack Ranch. This tiger place was founded in 1986 on a 5-acre land in Jacksonville. It has grown to 225 acres of improved facilities, sanctuaries, and infrastructures. It acquired its license to open to the public in 2004 and has since turned into Jacksonville’s significant attractions.
  2. Go for an adventure at Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Experience wildlife by walking through Florida’s safari, where you get to interact with wildlife and their environment.
  3. Escape to the stunning beaches near Jacksonville. The beaches offer a fantastic view of the sea, and you can even go for a horse-ride on the sandy beach.
  4. Enjoy kayaking, or just go for a hike in Big Talbot Island. Experience the unmatched view of the water when Kayaking at Big Talbot Island, known or its unusual rocky shoreline.
  5. Look for an exceptional dining experience. Another factor that contributes to Jacksonville’s fame is its locally-owned restaurants that serve new culinary discoveries.

Best Restaurants in Jacksonville

As the largest city in Florida, displaying an international fare in the culinary industry is expected for Jacksonville restaurants. Here are some of the restaurants that give the city its culinary fame:

Aqua Grill

Its exquisite decor, friendly ambiance, and savory food placed Aqua Grill in Jacksonville’s Hall of Fame list as one of the state’s best eateries. Taste bud adventurers who want to try Aqua Grill recipes can find this restaurant in the heart of Ponte Vedra Beach.

Aqua Grill Jacksonville Florida
Anna Heise, Zomato

Blue Bamboo

It’s Southern-meets-Asian fare at Blue Bamboo, with chef and owner Dennis Chan presenting food-lovers with his version of the symbiotic melting of two cuisines.

Ragtime Tavern

This restaurant in Jacksonville, Florida, features an open-air patio and selection of late-night menu. It serves the freshest and in-season ingredients, which it perfected for over 25 years of servicing local and international visitors.

Wine Cellar

This fine-dining restaurant is listed as one of the top 500 restaurants in Florida. It adopted a different menu since its establishment in 1974 to include continental cuisine.

Downtown Jacksonville

Visiting Downtown Jacksonville, the historic core and central business district of Jacksonville, is a truly unique experience. It is nestled between skyscrapers and the St. Johns River, while only a few minutes away from the pristine beaches.

You get to listen to live music performed by local musicians and enjoy a walk along St. John River.

Visitors who love the arts should visit Downtown Jacksonville on the first Wednesday of each month. It opens its galleries, museums, and other exciting venues to let visitors experience its local arts and music scene.

Is Jacksonville Florida Safe for Tourists?

The city of Jacksonville is safe for tourists. Still, violent and petty crimes can happen, so take the usual precautionary measures when visiting Jacksonville. Be vigilant and keep your valuables safe, especially when taking public transport as pickpockets can be active in transport stations.

Female solo travelers are somewhat safe in Jacksonville, Fl., as there are no issues that would endanger women specifically. Take general caution, and this should minimize the chances of things going wrong when traveling in Jacksonville.

Remember that crime can occur anywhere, and like most cities, Jacksonville has its good and bad areas. So, while Jacksonville is not the safest place in America, taking general precautions should minimize risks.

Is Jacksonville Airport Area Safe?

Jacksonville International Airport is near the northern part of Downtown Jacksonville. The airport area is generally safe, so travelers should not worry about traveling to this area.

Where should I stay in Jacksonville FL?

Florida’s most populous city has many things to offer to everyone. Both local and international visitors can enjoy its stretches of pristine beaches. The best place to stay in Jacksonville depends on what you want to experience the most. Whether you’re looking to spend your time near the beaches or in the city, you can always find a great place to stay.

Jacksonville Florida Beach
  • Ponte Vedra Inn and Club – Jacksonville prides itself on being the home to Ponte Vedra Inn & Club, listed as Florida’s most prestigious oceanfront resort. Established in 1928, this luxe beach resort features a wide range of amenities, making it a favorite among couples and families.
  • Omni Jacksonville Hotel – Have a pleasurable downtown stay at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel, where you can enjoy the view of the river from the hotel’s rooftop deck. Have a pleasurable downtown stay at the Omni Jacksonville Hotel, where you can enjoy the view of the river from the hotel’s rooftop deck. The staff will ensure that you have everything you need, from bathrobes, coffee, and a fully stocked minibar.
  • Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa – This golf resort and spa, with its 18-hole miniature golf course, is ideal for golf enthusiasts. Visitors will surely love jogging and biking along its trails. Sawgrass Marriott Golf Resort and Spa feature different amenities that make a vacation in Jacksonville unforgettable.
  • Ritz Carlton Amelia Island – Amelia Island is located 30 miles from Jacksonville and is accessible through the Thomas J. Shave Jr. Bridge. A stay at the resort offers an opportunity for adventure and relaxation.

Best Time to Visit Jacksonville Florida

The city of Jacksonville is a fabulous city, and it is always so most times of the year. However, the best time to visit Jacksonville, Fl starts from March to May and from September until November. These are months that are more likely to give you a good deal. The majority of Jacksonville visitors come during summertime, which means you will risk competing for a spot on the beach.

Things to Do in Jacksonville FL for College Students

There are countless things to do in Jacksonville Fl, and more so for students who can always engage in fun activities that the city has to offer.

  • Go to the Beach – Someone living in Jacksonville definitely wants to enjoy its beaches. A time spent on the beach can be relaxing, not to mention that the four main beaches in Jax are just a short drive away.
  • Visit the Cummer Museum of Arts and Garden – Considered Jacksonville’s hidden gems, the Cummer Museum is a fun place to hang out with friends. Students will get student discounts with their ID, and this is a real deal that lets them experience the art exhibits and a good view of the river from the gardens.
  • Adventure Landing – Adventure Landing offers relief on a hot summer day with its state-of-the-art water park. It provides a wave pool, thrilling water slides, and a mini-golf course. It’s a real deal for students who just want to relax in their spare time.
  • Picnic at the Treaty Oak Park – Treaty Oak Park is located in the Southbank area of Downtown Jacksonville and features a 250 years old Treaty Oak tree. A picnic at the park allows you to experience being in the presence of the oldest living thing in Jacksonville.
Treaty Oak Park Southbank Downtown Jacksonville Florida
James Willamor, Wikimedia

Things to Do in Jacksonville FL for Couples

Jacksonville is known for its fun mood, and couples have all the reasons to enjoy this atmosphere.

  • Share a Fancy Dinner at Terra Gaucha Brazilian Steakhouse – This steakhouse offers a variety of menu from fire-roasted cuts of premium beef, pork, and chicken. Partaking in a dinner for two in one of Jacksonville’s top ten steakhouses is a whole new experience altogether.
  • Watch a Show at Theatre Jacksonville – Theatre Jacksonville had been enriching lives since its establishment in 1919. It features varying shows from dramas that can move the audiences to tears to comedies that can induce laughter.
  • Enjoy the Pleasure of the Riverwalk Ambiance – The Northbank Riverwalk is a popular attraction in Downtown Jacksonville. Its development started in 1987 and now stretches up to two miles, which gives strollers a fantastic view of what Jax has to offer.

Unique Places to Stay in Jacksonville Fl

Visitors can opt for many of the unique places to stay in Jacksonville. In contrast to the pristine beaches of Orland and Miami, Jax prides itself with its extensive parkland that stretches up to 80,000 acres.

Here are some of the unique places to stay in Jacksonville:

  1. Gorgeous Glamping Tent on Hobby Farm
  2. Fabulous Tiny House Rental on Lake Fairview
  3. Vintage Campervan Rental

Experiences in Jacksonville FL

A visit to Jacksonville means you will never run out of things to do during your vacation. Here are some of the only in Jax memorable experiences:

  1. Lie on the beach and soak up the sun. It’s one thing to allow yourself an afternoon to bathe in the sun, and this is most enjoyable with miles of beaches in Jacksonville.
  2. Immerse yourself with the performing arts. A factor that differentiates the Jax experience from other places is the performing arts being all around the city.
  3. Have a fancy meal. As a foodie town, you can always choose from the best restaurants in the city.
  4. Experience the campsites. This is a way to get in touch with nature, though you may need to prepare things for your camping needs, such as an ultralight backpacking tent (view on Amazon).
  5. Visit the city museums. Jacksonville features many types of museums, including those that exhibit world-class art.
  6. Enjoy Little Talbot Island. The island is home to species of native wildlife, and you may also want to bring your outdoor and birding binoculars (view on Amazon) for a chance to take a glimpse of preying birds.
Jacksonville Florida Bridge

The Jacksonville Weather in January

 The average weather in Jacksonville during January is around 65°F that hardly ever exceeds 77°F and rarely falls below 52°F. Note that the hottest day of the year in July reaches up to 90°F, while the coldest that occurred in January is 46°F.

Conclusion – Is Jacksonville Florida a Good Place to Vacation?

Jacksonville is an excellent place to vacation for the beautiful things it offers. Whatever your reason for traveling, you can find amazing attractions in Jacksonville. The city never ceases to provide something for everyone, from its fresh seafood, pristine beaches, and spectacular parks. With its attractions and fabulous weather, there are just many reasons to visit Jacksonville.

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