Is Nashville Safe? (Crime Rate & What to Avoid)

Nashville, Tennessee, has a long history and plenty of attractions and things to do. An important question to answer when you plan to move to the area, especially when you’ve retired is, “Is Nashville safe?” Having peace of mind because you know you’re safe will ensure you maintain good mental health while enjoying your retirement years.

So, is Nashville safe? The city used to be part of the top 100 list of the safest city in the USA. Today, there is more than a five percent chance that you’ll be a victim of a crime in Nashville. The number might not be as significant because not every neighborhood in the city has a high crime rate.

With that in mind, let’s look at the most common concerns with regards to safety when you’re new to an area. We’ll also have an overview of the 10 safest neighborhoods you can move to if you’re 100% sure of moving to Nashville. This way, you won’t have to worry about your safety, but you’ll also get to enjoy what you love doing or the kind of life you’ve been dreaming of.

Nashville, Tennessee, downtown Waterfront

Is Nashville a Safe City?

Safety encompasses many things, so you must identify different kinds of risks to know how safe Nashville city is. Based on Nashville TN crime rate data and other statistics, the overall safety risk when you’re new to the city or a tourist is low. That’s because most of these crimes happen in public places, but those who are vigilant don’t get affected. Meaning they’re mostly preventable.

Is Nashville Safe To Walk at Night?

Walking at night or staying out late in the evening isn’t a good idea when you’re sixty years old and above. The reason is that your immune system is a bit weaker than it used to be. Of course, it’s unavoidable, so you must have an idea about your safety when you’re out at night.

According to some residents and tourists, your expectations when walking at night in any other place is the same as when you’re in Nashville. You have to ensure you walk around well-lit areas, and as much as possible, you shouldn’t be alone. Having a companion can discourage a criminal.

Pickpocket is also common in crowded cities like Nashville, both in the evening and morning. Remain vigilant and look after your belongings so as not to fall victim.

Mugging is another common crime committed by criminals in populated cities, and this usually involves the use of guns. There is a medium risk in Nashville mainly because Tennessee has a permitless carry law, so there might be individuals who have guns with wrong intentions.

How Safe Is Nashville During Natural Disasters?

Natural disasters are another consideration when evaluating how safe you would be in an area. In Nashville, spring and autumn can become rainy, and some areas might become flooded due to continuous rain. Snow is also just mild and only reaches an average of about 6.5 inches during the entire winter season.

Fortunately, the city has a good disaster risk management program and emergency service numbers that one can easily contact when needed.

Is Nashville Public Transportation Safe?

Public Transportation, Downtown Nashville, Tennessee

There are plenty of public transportation options in Nashville: trains, buses, and taxis. As a populous city, there is a medium risk of danger when riding public transportation. So again, staying vigilant is the key when you don’t intend to use your vehicle. Some taxi drivers might also charge higher than usual, especially if they can identify that you’re new in the area or a tourist, which is typical in any city around the globe.

Uber is also one of the transportation options in the city. But is Uber safe in Nashville? Uber is one of the safest public modes of transportation because of the many features of the app. For example, you can inform your family, relatives, or friends where you’re heading to and the important Uber service information.

How Sufficient Is Medical Care in the City?

As a retiree, you’re prone to many health issues and have a higher chance of getting ill, falling, and other accidents even inside your home. Thus, access to emergency and medical care is also one thing to consider regarding your safety. The good thing is Nashville has a good number of medical centers and hospitals. You can even find some of the top medical care facilities.

What Are the Safest Neighborhoods in Nashville?

Home in Neighborhood

Knowing the answer to “What should I avoid in Nashville to stay safe?” isn’t enough when you plan to move to the city. It’s best to know which neighborhoods are the safest so that you know what communities to consider when narrowing down your choices.

To find what to include in the top 10 list, the FBI’s statistics for Nashville, Tennessee, were considered. These neighborhoods are those that recorded a low number of crimes per 100,000 individuals.

1. Poplar Creek Estates

A neighborhood established in 1986 and with a population of over 1,000, Poplar Creek Estates has a total crime rate that is 89% lower than Nashville’s average. The best things are you’ll find several parks to visit, and wildlife sightings are common because wood and fields border the neighborhood. All of these make Poplar Creek Estates a peaceful and serene place to retire.

However, the cost of living is about 18% higher than the average, while real estate is approximately 61% higher than the city’s average. That said, you’ll find that most houses are a bit large, so the price is justifiable.

2. Edmondson-Cloverland

Edmonson-Cloverland is another great neighborhood that is approximately 15 miles away from the Nashville city center. With several shopping centers and restaurants near the area, it’s suitable for retirees who want to stay in a small, peaceful community but still want to enjoy the leisure one enjoys in a big city.

Safety-wise, Edmonson-Cloverland’s crime rate is approximately 88% lower than the city average. Precisely, 42 violent crimes and 243 property crimes per 100,000 in 2020. Like Poplar Creek, real estate prices and living costs are higher than the city average, which is 90% and 19%, respectively. 

3. Hermitage Hills

The estimated crime rate of Hermitage Hills is 87% lower than the average crime rate in Nashville, TN, while it’s 74% lower than the nation’s average. The neighborhood is perfect for outdoor adventurers or nature lovers because of the nearby hiking trail and canoeing and fishing areas.

You’ll also find plenty of shopping areas, pizzerias, and fast-food joints. The best thing is that the cost of living and real estate prices are a bit lower than the city’s average.

4. West Meade Park

The best representation for a yes answer to “Is West Nashville safe?” is West Meade Park because its crime rate is 60% lower than the average. If you want to retire in a very small residential community, it is a perfect choice.

Around its neighborhood are wineries and plantation houses and the Percy Warner Park, where you can relax and enjoy scenic views. Hiking and camping are also possible.

The problem is that real estate cost is too high and the cost of living is 34% higher than the city’s average.

5. South Hampton

With an average of about 192 violent crimes and 894 property crimes per 100,000 in 2020, South Hampton is a neighborhood to consider for your safety. The cost of living and real estate price is moderately high, but you’ll enjoy several outdoor recreation activities and scenery. That’s all thanks to the nearby greenery and parks.

6. Sheffield On The Harpeth

This small neighborhood is popular for families and retirees because it has a lot to offer. That includes basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts, swimming pools for adults and children, and a lake with fantastic scenery, benches, and paved trails.

The recorded crime rate in 2020 is approximately 51% lower than the city’s average. The cost of living and real estate is moderately higher than the average, which is 16% and 55%, respectively.

7. Donelson Hills

If you’re wondering and asking, “Is east Nashville safe?” Donelson Hills is one of the places that first come to mind. It’s a residential community that you’ll love for its golf courses, parks, and swimming pools.

Even if you just stay at home, you’ll enjoy beautiful scenery because homes usually have well-maintained lawns. A quick drive to the Donelson town will let you enjoy several thrift stores, bowling alleys, grocery stores, and restaurants.

The 2020 data for crime is about 49% lower than the city’s recorded average. What’s more, the real estate price is low, while the cost of living is only one percent higher than the city’s average.

8. Belmont-Hillsboro

Belmont-Hillsboro is quite bigger and more populated than the seven neighborhoods discussed above. Real estate is also costly, with the cost of living being 38% higher than the city’s average.

Crime rate percentage, though, is approximately 27% lower than the city’s average. You’ll also love how picturesque the community is, thanks to the older homes surrounding it. It also has plenty of cozy cafes, cocktail bars, and eateries.

9. Green Hills

Every retiree is different, so some of you might want to live in an area closest to the central business district. Green Hills has lots of adjacent popular shopping centers and restaurants, making the cost of living and real estate prices high.

It’s also quite populated compared to the rest of the neighborhoods on this list, but the crime rate is roughly 25% lower than the city’s average. Additionally, there are lots of nearby medical centers and hospitals.

10. Brandywine Farms

This is another small community perfect for retirees who want to escape the hustles and bustles of city life. Property cost is quite high, but worth it because of its seclusion and scenic views. Access to small retail businesses and dining options will also only require a short drive to neighboring communities.

In terms of safety, the crime rate for 2020 is approximately 25% lower than Nashville City’s average.

Is Nashville Safe – In Conclusion

Nashville, Tennessee, Skyscrapers

Nashville has a rich history composed of suburban and urban neighborhoods. Some of them are completely residential but with easy access to businesses for your needs and leisure. Most of the safest communities in the city are close to nature and have small populations, making them perfect for a quiet and relaxing retirement.

If you’re asking, “Is Nashville dangerous?” the answer is both a no and a yes. As with any city, county, or state, there are dangerous and safe communities based on crime rates and what residents and tourists have to say. Therefore, just make sure you plan ahead by weighing your options before you even retire and move.

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