Is Nogales, AZ a Safe City for Retirement?

You have probably heard good and bad things about Arizona, but one particular city has caught your attention. We’re fully aware that choosing the perfect place for your retirement days is no joke. So, we prepared some essential information about the city of Nogales.

Is Nogales, AZ a safe city for retirement? Despite the lawbreakers of Nogales, this small town is still safe. There’s no such thing as a place that’s 100% free of crime, anyway. Also, most of the residents there know each other, which can make a difference in minimizing criminal activity.

If you’re not yet convinced, we totally understand your doubts. Nogales had a bad rep in the past. We can turn that around with some facts, though.


Is Nogales, AZ a Safe City for Retirement?

According to a news report, the image of Nogales was mostly tainted by people who think places near the Mexico-United States border are dangerous. In fact, based on the interviews, a lot of residents only had good things to say about their beloved city.

Outsiders commonly associate the border with crimes like kidnapping and murder. However, in Nogales, statistics showed that the number of violent crimes has decreased from 2000 to 2016. The same idea goes for property crimes despite the higher number of cases compared to the national data.

To be more specific, in 2016, the rate of violent crimes in Nogales was lower than the national rate by 22.48%. However, when it comes to property crimes, the Nogales rate was 1.69% higher than the national stats.

Don’t worry; compared to Arizona’s property crime rate, Nogales still has a lower average of 16.32%. The 16-year trend even projected that 2019 would generally have a much lower crime rate. There will probably be zero cases of arson, murder, rape, and robbery. Meanwhile, the city may have 25 violent crimes only and less than 500 property crimes.

To sum it all up, the crime rate of Nogales has taken a downward curve, which is a huge deal. The locals and future residents can rest easy knowing that it’s possible to have safer years ahead.

What Is the Safest Place to Live in Arizona?

Florence, AZ
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If you want to live in the safest city possible in Arizona, we have to admit that it’s not Nogales. Feel free to consider living in Florence.

With a population of at least 25,600 residents, Florence has the lowest property crime rate in Arizona. Meanwhile, its violent crime rate remains in the top five lowest in AZ. In general, this city is 97% safer than the state itself.

Like Nogales, Florence doesn’t have reported cases of murder, rape, and robbery. But, it has fewer cases of assault. Its property crime rate is also a lot lower than Nogales. It doesn’t exceed 150 cases.

Here’s another way to perceive how safe Florence is. Compared to the average U.S. crime rate, the city is 87% safer.

What about the odds? If you live in Florence, there’s only a 1 in 1,349 chance of somebody assaulting you or any other form of violent crime. Also, you have a 1 in 209 chance of losing your possessions, money, or vehicle due to burglary or theft. Finally, there’s just a 1 in 181 chance of encountering a criminal in the city.

Is Arizona a Safe State to Live In?

Planning to search for more cities in Arizona where you can spend years of retirement? You should know more about the state just to make sure.

Although Arizona isn’t included in the 2018 rankings of the most dangerous states in the U.S., it was the other way around in the earlier 2010s. It landed the eighth spot, which is quite alarming back then.

However, there were a lot of factors considered aside from the crime rate. Natural disasters and different types of accidents were also included in the criteria.

In 2014 alone, Arizona encountered at least 750 deaths and 50,000 injuries due to road accidents. By 2015, almost 600 people died. The causes were mostly related to speeding and DUI.

What City in Arizona Has the Best Weather?

We mentioned earlier that natural disasters could also contribute to the level of danger a state represents. So, it won’t hurt to discuss the type of weather Nogales has. We will also ultimately include which AZ city has the most pleasant weather.

Nogales has a climate similar to the arid setting of Phoenix, but it’s less hot, which is excellent. However, it can receive a more significant amount of rainfall.

Once monsoon season starts, Nogales can experience heavy storms. Flash floods may happen, too.

For the best city in Arizona when it comes to weather, we have Scottsdale. It is perfect for you if you’re from a really cold place. Summer is more enjoyable while winter is more bearable.

See, the beauty of Scottsdale stems from the fact that it’s neither too hot nor too cold.

Where in Arizona Is the Best Place to Retire?

When you pick the best place for retirement, don’t just focus on your safety. Make it your new home where you can enjoy and be more confident with your health.

Nogales is a decent city for retirement, but here are some suggestions where you can meet other retirees and note several medical centers around the area.

Sun City West

This retirement community in Phoenix houses 82.20% of the senior population in Arizona. It has the biggest group of retirees. If you love golf and woodworking, you’ll enjoy the activities there. You can even join clubs if your interest revolves around cars and other vehicles.

Green Valley

Going south, you may like the location of Green Valley. It is one hour away from the border, which means it’s near Tucson. Tucson is a marvelous city because of its culture and entertainment spots. Not only that, Green Valley has the second-highest number of retirees.

Litchfield Park

For artistic and creative retirees, Litchfield Park is one of the best places to live in. Aside from its cultural and recreational settings, it holds a magnificent spectacle every year. You can enjoy the Annual Wigwam Festival of Fine Art in the city.


How about the central area of Arizona? Prescott is highly recommended. If you choose this place, you can drive to Phoenix or Grand Canyon anytime without staying too long behind the wheel.

Additionally, there are a lot of medical centers there. The ratio is 5.23 for every 1,000 retirees.

And, if you love camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities, Prescott is close to several national forests.

Cave Creek

Another place near a national forest, specifically Tonto National Forest, Cave Creek is an ideal place for adventure-seeking seniors. It also has more medical centers than Prescott. It has 6.44 centers for every 1,000 residents.

Cave Creek has several recreation centers as well. It offers 3.71 centers for every 1,000 seniors.

If you like historical sites, this place has a fantastic town hall. The town hall is in the National Register of Historic Places.

Is AZ a Good Place to Retire?

Based on what has been discussed so far, Arizona is indeed the place to be for retirees. Other than the small town of Nogales, the cities in the state have something good to offer for seniors looking for relaxation or adventure.

Here are additional reasons why AZ is suitable for retirement communities:

Variety of Outdoor Activities

Golfing and camping aren’t the only fun things you can expect in Arizona. You can also enjoy aerial and aquatic activities. You have the freedom to go white water rafting, hang gliding, fishing, and skiing. Colorado and Flagstaff are some of the places you can go to if you want some adventure in AZ.

Cities for Every Personality and Lifestyle

If you’re on a tight budget, Phoenix has a lower cost of living. Meanwhile, if you’re into peace and meditation, the scenery of Sedona will inspire you.

For a more luxurious lifestyle, Scottsdale can make you feel like you’re in an expensive resort.

We want to include Flagstaff as well because of its elevated location. If you can’t stand too much heat, consider it for your final decision. Despite its higher elevation, which is an excellent escape to the outdoors, it’s still close to Phoenix if ever you miss the city.

Annual Events

Scottsdale keeps on charming retirees by holding big events every year. One of which is the Arabian Horse Show, impressing crowds since 1955. In this event, horse breeders, trainers, and owners join the competition. It even has bonus attractions like demos and booths.

Another massive event in Scottsdale is its very own culinary festival. It is a highly anticipated event, having more than 35,000 guests. Expect a myriad of food and drinks.

Have you ever heard of the World’s Oldest Rodeo? Prescott has been wowing audiences since 1888 with the exciting performances of bull and bronc riders.

And there you have it! Those are the activities and events you can expect from the state of Arizona. It is good to have some balance in your retirement. If safety and happiness go hand in hand, you’ll enjoy your freedom to the fullest.

Are you set to move to Nogales? Make sure your new home and lifestyle meets your expectations to ensure comfort and satisfaction in this simple town.

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