Why Is Nashville Called Nashvegas?

Most people associate Nashville to country music, the place of origin of Nashville sound, a subgenre of American country music. The story behind Nashville’s synonymity with country music can be traced to the emergence of contemporary Christian music. The city’s music scene helped launch the career of famous artists, making it deserving of the Nashvegas attribution. 

Why is Nashville called Nashvegas? Nashville is called Nashvegas for its Broadway neon lights and lively nightlife. Visitors remember Nashville for its flashy aura, which is very similar to Las Vegas. For all its charm, Nashvegas is an attractive destination for tourists drawn to country music.

Nashville Fireworks at Night

The Nashvegas Cab

The Nashvegas Cab is a company that Nashville taxi drivers established in 2013 to service the area residents, visitors, and travelers of Nashville. The cabs feature the latest GPS-based computerized dispatching system making each ride safe and comfortable.

The dispatch staffs know the city well, and they are trained to keep customers happy with their courteous customer service. NashVegas cab is open 24-hours daily, including holidays. The company deploys vans, sedans, and ADA compliant wheelchair vans for easier wheelchair entry.

Nashvegas Bar

Downtown Nashville is known for its bars, ranging from local dive bars to upscale and trendy bars. There is always something for each one’s preference. Below are some of NashVegas’ popular bars:

  • Tennessee Brew Works – Savory food, great brews, patio seating, and live music coupled with impressive customer service put Tennessee Brew Works on top of the list. Meet with your friends and do a NashVegas brew tour.
  • The Patterson House – The Patterson House bar makes it to the list for its intimate, seated-cocktail bar setting. The bar is located in the city’s Midtown village and prides itself on serving the highest-quality modern and classic cocktails.
  • Robert’s Western World – Robert’s Western World is recognized as Nashville’s Home of Traditional Country Music and is located at Robert’s Western World on Lower Broadway.
  • Bar Sovereign – The Bar Sovereign is a great little cocktail bar that made its way to the list of bars in NashVegas. This bar is unique on its own, as visitors can enjoy custom drinks made especially for them. You will surely love the anticipation of what you might experience once you get inside Bar Sovereign.
Tennessee Brew Works

Nashvegas All Stars

The NashVegas All Stars is a super-group of musicians known for bringing class to their every performance. With their diverse talent, you will be amazed by their musical talent that covers a wide range of musical categories, from country, rock, R&B, and Disco.

This Nashvegas band is a stellar group of performers who excel in delivering music that suits your listening preferences. The group is all pro, and you can expect them to dazzle you with their high-quality performances.

NashVegas All Stars are exceptional in what they do, providing their audience with top-notch sound and musical experience. Their client base includes the league of Harley Davidson, Subway, The Ryder Cup, and Major League Baseball.

Nashvegas Guitars

NashVegas Guitars is a musical instrument dealership that sells exclusive guitar and amplifier brands. It is located in Franklin, Tennessee, just about 20 minutes-drive from Nashville.

NashVegas Guitars assures shoppers in finding the best-suited guitar and amplifier that fits their playing styles. The buying experience starts with a buyer consultation regardless of his playing level to know about the music genres and the sounds that the player wants to create.

Nashville to Vegas

Nashville is a marvelous city with a lot going on it. It is called the Music City for its interesting history of music. It will forever be known as such for the vibrant venues of musical performances and concerts around the city.

Nashville Tennessee Music

Nashville is a great place, but of course, it’s always lovely to visit Vegas. With its unmatched nightlife, proximity to the famous Grand Canyon, and numerous world-class shows, who wouldn’t want to experience Vegas?

With a less than four-hour plane ride, the Music City locals will naturally consider Vegas as their next hassle-free vacation choice. Here are some tips for Nashville locals to find cheap flights to Sin City.

Try to book a Nashville to Vegas flight about 21 days in advance. Avoid the impulsive trip and plan your departure three weeks ahead to take advantage of cheaper flights.

If you are from Nashville, consider flying to Vegas in December, and keep clear from the more expensive flights from January to June flights.

Avoid the premium cost of a hotel stays on a Friday night by taking a trip early Saturday. Plan your flight back to Nashville on a Wednesday, which is by far the cheapest option.

Is Nashville Like Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the world’s entertainment capital with its wide range of entertainment options. From musical legend performances to acrobatic artistry, there is always something to captivate both the locals and visitors in the Sin City.

Nashville City View

Entertainment wise, most people would consider Vegas as merely the best.

Still, you wouldn’t want to miss Nashville’s unmatched southern charm that makes people want to stay. Known as the country music entertainment capital, Nashville has turned into America’s new party town. NashVegas now host more bachelorette parties than Las Vegas.

What Is the Nickname of Nashville?

Other than its NashVegas moniker, Nashville is called the Music City, a byname it earned over a century ago.

The city became known as a global music center when the Fisk Jubilee Singers from the Fisk University of Nashville performed musical acts in different parts of the world. In 1873, the band played for Queen Victoria, who referred to them as musicians that must have come from the Music City.

With the unfolding of the 20th century, Nashville became a national center for music publishing. Aspiring songwriters from across the globe visit Nashville to know more about its art of music writing.

 It also earned its reputation in the music industry with the popularity of country and soul music. Nashville has helped propel many successful musicians and has lived up to its Music City designation to this day.

Things to Do in Nashville

With NashVegas’ charming atmosphere, the locals and visitors alike will always have something to do in the city. Its attractions include the Musicians Hall of Fame and Museum, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Grand Ole Opry.

Spending the day visiting the historical attractions all over Nashville will make you understand why the locals are proud of the city’s history.

Here’s why people will always be interested in these places:

  • Grand Ole Opry – This radio show started broadcasting in the 1920s and helped paved the way in putting Nashville as the world’s Country Music Capital. It is world-famous for providing a fantastic entertainment experience for audiences.
  • Broadway – In addition to soaking up the city’s country music history, many people prefer to enjoy live tunes. Numerous establishments in Lower Broadway host live acts daily, and you can always go to several bars as you please.
  • Belle Meade Plantation – This beautiful Green Revival Mansion was constructed during the mid-19th century. It was once the biggest private estate in Nashville, popularly known as the Queen of the Tennessee Plantations.

Why Is Nashville Known as Music City?

For much of the 20th century, Nashville has had a flourishing music industry. This thriving music scene paved the way for tourism to prosper in the city. The live performances from Nashville’s country music legends have helped the city find a position in the entertainment industry map.

Nashville is Music City, U.S.A; home to the Grand Ole Opry, a weekly radio show that started in the 1930s. The program made the Ryman Auditorium popular to both locals and visitors.

Gibson Les Paul Guitar

Popular country music artists during the 1950s and 1960s play live performances on Ryman. The greats of country music such as Johnny Cash, George Jones, and Dolly Parton settled in Nashville and worked, recorded, and played around town.

The established the legacy of country music in NashVegas is a factor that contributes to the flourishing of recording labels and studies. As a result, many aspiring musicians moved to the city in their pursuit to make it big.

Nashville as the Athens of the South

Before becoming the Music City and earning the name NashVegas, Nashville was once called the Athens of the South. It earned this nickname around 1850 for its numerous higher education institutions.

The city was the first southern city in the US to establish a public school system and the growth of higher education in the Nashville area.

The replica of the Greek Parthenon, which is a centerpiece at Nashville’s Centennial Park, also added to Athens of the South attribution. The structure was initially planned to be temporary, but the building has stood ever since. The locals had grown accustomed to the image, and no one had ever dared to strike the first blow at the Parthenon.

What Is It Like to Live in Nashvegas?

It feels good to live in Nashville. People in this city love to party, although many locals would prefer a party away from Broadway. Most would head to East Nashville for its less crowded bars. Some stage their own house party where the host would whip impressive cocktails with their cocktail mixer set.

There is always something to do with your family and friends, from popular restaurants, cultural centers, and live musical performances. Nashville features different forms of entertainment and places to visit. Isn’t it great to live in a city known for its music and entertainment?

Living in Nashville means being treated to delicacies of your choice. The city restaurants are known throughout the world for their menus, and a sumptuous meal from a world-famous chef is just a few minute-drive from your home.

Life in the Music City

Nashville is known for its music, but not everything is all about country music. Similarly, most Nashvillians admit to owning at least a pair of cowboy boots from local cowboy boot-makers such as NashVegas Boots. Cowboy boots are part of the country music culture, although you will not see the locals wearing it like they are part of a Wild West movie. 

Conclusion – Why Is Nashville Called Nashvegas?

Nashville is called Nashvegas for being a city that replicates many of the features of Las Vegas. While there are people who negate the comparison, Nashville is an entertainment city in its own right. The neon lights on Broadway are attractions in themselves that warrant a connection to a trip in Las Vegas.

For all of the Las Vegas glamour, Nashville is a unique city that is well known for its dazzling structures and events. It is known as one of the cities with the most active nightlife.

In Nashville, you are always in proximity to almost everything that you need. Like Las Vegas, Nashville caters to tourists and is the best choice for people who love live country music.

Besides, Nashvegas offers diverse attractions and cultural events that are suitable for people of all ages. The city has wonderful things to offer that cater to different tastes and preferences.

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