Parkview Christian Retirement Community (Full Review)

If you are looking to retire in Portland, you might have heard of this quiet but highly rated community. We provide a thorough review and examine why seniors are lining up to live in this small, quaint neighborhood that has been standing where it is for many decades.

Parkview Christian Retirement Community is an excellent place to call home. They provide fun activities, a wellness program, and regular excursions. The staff ethics, genuine care, and the mantra they live by make living here very enjoyable.

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Parkview Christian Retirement Community

You’ll find this retirement community in East Portland, Oregon, that is a beautiful and peaceful option for those seeking to live their senior years in affordable retirement apartments and assisted living care. The Parkview Christian Retirement Community is living its motto of “Seniors our concern, Christ our motivation.” Since 1944, the facility is a not-for-profit organization.

A Little History

In 1944, some members of the Columbia Baptist churches of Oregon felt the need to provide a retirement home, with services and fellowship activities, for seniors. By the following year, the Oregon Baptist Retirement Home Society was formed with the purchase of the Methodist Deaconess’ Home on NE Flanders Street in Portland. It expanded in the years following because of the growing demand well into the 1960s. By 1987, the facility expanded some more when they leased the property where Parkview now stands. Ten years later, the Parkview property was bought, and a state-licensed assisted living community was added to provide additional services to residents.

By the early 2000s, more changes and improvements came around. In 2009, the facility was renamed to what it is now. A new computer center, library, game room, and exercise room were added. Later, there were enhancements or remodeling of certain areas, like the kitchen, meeting room, and community room. A gardening area and a drive-through portico were added, and outdoor sitting areas with exterior campus lighting were enhanced.

The Wellness Program became so successful that a second wellness center was added, and a Wellness Coordinator was hired full-time. Improvements and renovations are still ongoing, like updating the apartments to meet the needs of today’s seniors in Portland.

What Is It Like To Live There?

It’s beautiful. The campus is like a park, with lots of greenery, open spaces, refreshing views. And it’s peaceful. The features and amenities of Parkview are senior-friendly – single-level apartment buildings, connecting courtyard, and covered walkways.

They are a pet-friendly facility, allowing small pets and even pet visitations. More importantly, residents here enjoy the camaraderie of their same-age group neighbors. The bonding and the sharing are things to look forward to each day. It’s easy and convenient to get around, from dining together to fun activities in the communal areas to enjoying the amenities outside in the open. Social activities abound, and there is no lack of things to do.

The staff is seasoned, warm, and friendly; always on hand for the folks around, they project an easy-going atmosphere in the facility. 

The complex is not brand new or has fancy amenities, but there’s a waiting list of folks who’d like to live at Parkview.

Living Options

Parkview Christian Retirement Community is a six-acre complex in the Parkrose Heights neighborhood. It’s composed of a small but rather tight community of 175 apartments. It is strictly a 55+ community that offers independent living, assisted living, and nursing home care.

They have spacious private apartments of various styles, ranging from studios to 1 and 2 bedroom spaces, each with in-room kitchenettes, cable TV, and sprinkler system. They also have apartments for guests or visitors.

A resident in Parkview spends around $4,333 each month. It’s slightly less in Portland, which is around $4,625 on average. Oregon State comes in at $4,020 monthly. Nonetheless, Parkview keeps the rates affordable for residents to render essential services.

Levels of Care

When it comes to levels of care, 57% of Parkview’s care is in the medium level, assisting residents who can only manage some of their daily care activities, like medication, hygiene, nutrition, mobility, and others. About 43% is light care afforded to residents who can manage themselves more in the mentioned areas.

Parkview does not provide heavy care level, meaning they don’t have residents that require total care for all or most activities. However, they claim that they can offer care to those who are primarily immobile and need to be regularly cared for by doctors and nurses. They have a nurse available on-site by day and on-call by night.

Additional levels of Personal Assistance Services are available and customized to meet each resident’s specific needs. They have Diabetic Care which includes insulin injections and sliding scale therapy; they also have Incontinence Care for residents; and they also offer Non-Ambulatory Care for residents needing help transferring, like from bed to wheelchair.

Property Amenities

Here are the amenities you can find here at Parkview Christian Retirement Community: 

  • Restaurant
  • Dining Room
  • Game/ Activities Room
  • Landscaped Grounds
  • Outdoor Patio
  • Gardens
  • Computer Room
  • Library
  • Chapel
  • Wifi / Internet
  • Cable/ Satellite TV
  • Guest Parking
  • Resident Parking
  • Swimming Pool

They also provide the standard services found in other retirement facilities, like restaurant dining, daily meals, special meals, housekeeping, laundry & dry-cleaning, grounds maintenance, and transportation to appointments and other transport services.

Parkview also offers in-house religious services (like chapel service and Bible study) and VA benefits assistance. They have a 24/7 staff on-site for the resident’s needs and their peace of mind.

Social Activities

Senior Friends Smiling Together

Parkview Christian Retirement Community residents have a full calendar of activities under the coordination of a full-time Activity Director. Their social events, outings, classes, and entertainment are designed around their needs, health, and well-being. They celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and have even on-site entertainment.

There are exercise programs led by certified fitness trainers, such as yoga, stretching exercises, balancing exercises, aqua activities, among many. All-day long, different classes are held according to preference. They also conduct different learning classes, such as painting, crafts, jewelry, gardening, and more.

Over the years, several clubs have been formed, comprising those who have special talents and interests in certain niches, like the Parkview Choir, Drama Team, Shopping Loop, Book Lovers Book Club, Weaving Club, among others.

Every week, there’s a different outing or excursion to some exciting location – like the beach, the museum, Mount Hood, Tulip Festival, etc. Residents enjoy eating out together at restaurants, attending concerts, and going on picnics. There are also scheduled bus rides to the stores, banks, and pharmacies – all at no extra cost to the residents.

The life-enriching activities and excursions at Parkview generally allow folks to maintain healthy lifestyles through fun, movement, and socialization with their peers.

Parkview Management & Staff

Throughout its history, Parkview has seen that despite its small size and age in the business as a senior living provider, it has managed to keep its noble reputation as a sought-after facility for the special group population.

From its Executive Director down to the maintenance crew on the ground, the management team is well-staffed. It looks like every aspect of operation has a point person who takes charge of keeping the facility running smoothly.

Neighborhood Amenities

The neighborhood outside this senior community boasts of many local amenities that are only a short distance off, and hence, are accessible. Many shopping areas, recreation, and emergency services are less than a mile away.

There’s Gateway Plaza, Kohl’s, and Portland Close-out for shopping needs. Dining options are many: King’s Omelets, McGillacuddy’s Sports Bar, Elmer’s Restaurant, Gateway Breakfast House, Tacovore, Siam Grill, Pizza Hut, Portland Sandwich Factory, Twirling Bird, and more.

Places of worship are within 4 miles, like the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS and the Parkrose United Methodist Church.

For healthcare, residents can go to Woodland Park Hospital, Adventist Medical Center, and the Providence Portland Medical Center, which are 1 to 3 miles away from the community. Many pharmacies like Target, Walgreens, Safeway, Fred Meyer, and Bi-mart are also close by. 

There’s easy access to public transportation, namely, I-84 and I-205, to reach any part of Portland fast and conveniently.

East Portland Attractions

What are the most accessible Portland attractions to our Parkview seniors?

Portland locals refer to the west side and east side of Portland. The Parkview Campus is in Parkrose Heights, which is the east side, or more northeastern. Locals consider East Portland as more quirky and eclectic than the western side, and very bike-friendly, and more affordable on average. It’s also home to many Victorian-era homes.

The Northeast has the most diverse collection of neighborhoods in Portland. Some of the city’s most important landmarks are here, like Portland International Airport, Lloyd Center, and the Oregon Convention Center. “Last Thursday” is a festival on NE Alberta St. on the last Thursday of every month when movies or live shows in any one of the historic theaters there: Hollywood Theatre, Alberta Rose Theatre, Laurelhurst Theatre, and Roseway Theatre.

Kennedy School

There’s the famous Kennedy School; it used to be a historic elementary school and now a hotel. It has several restaurants, bars, a brewery, a movie theater, and a soaking pool.

Many homes in Northeast Portland were built in the 1920s through the 1940s. But today, there is increasing demand for more modern townhouse-style homes.

Parkrose Heights

Parkrose Heights is mostly quiet due to the many homes and residential streets. There’s the Gateway Business District along Halsey Street, a large commercial area with a park where people relax, dine, and enjoy the events. There are loads of restaurants (including vegan eateries), bars, shops, and several shopping malls near Gateway.

Remember that Portland has the highest number of breweries per capita globally, so you are never far from a bar or tap house. There are many such watering holes in Parkview Heights.


How about parks? You’ll find Knott Street Park fantastic for picnics, games, gatherings, and events, and there are also trails, a baseball field, playground, and picnic facilities. Merrifield Park has a playground and a softball field. Senn’s Community Garden is a .39 acre garden located in Senn’s Dairy Park.

Is it a Good Place to Live?

Officially nicknamed the Rose City or the City of Roses, Portland is one of the nicest places to live in Oregon.

The Parkrose Heights neighborhood, where Parkview is located, has a fairly dense population – about 29,000 residents in the zip code of 97220. It is mostly a middle-income area with a median per-family income of $43,212. However, it is serene and quiet here, very walkable, and not lacking in things to do.

According to Trulia users, locals at Parkrose Heights say that this neighborhood has an inherent holiday spirit, the place is very dog-friendly, and that one would need his/her own car to get around due to the infrequent service.

According to reviews on Parkview Christian Retirement Community, Portland, OR, people rave about their friendly, seasoned staff, the quiet setting, the full calendar of activities, and great restaurant-style food. Parkview is affordable housing, faith-based, and a not-for-profit organization. It is rated as four stars.

Conclusion: Parkview Christian Retirement Community

Parkview Christian Retirement Community, Portland, Oregon, is a lovely and peaceful park-like campus for retirees or the 55+ population. It provides independent living and assisted living care, plus some nursing services.

The facility is committed to providing affordable housing with features, amenities, and services truly resident-friendly and customized to cater to residents’ well-being. Its well-thought programs are geared to the physical, spiritual, and relational good of everyone. Management and staff make sure that all boils down to respecting resident’s dignity, individuality, privacy, and choices, while simultaneously providing a safe, happy and vibrant environment.

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