Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safe?

Orlando, Florida, is one of the best places to live and retire to in the United States. According to a 2019 survey by Livability, the city ranked No. 17 out of Top 100 Best Places to Live. Orlando’s tech scene, tourist spots, economy, and diverse demographics contribute to this. However, there are some parts of Orlando which might raise a few questions when it comes to safety, and one of these is Pine Hills.

Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida safe? Pine Hills is generally safe; however, there are certain areas that you should avoid, such as the city limits that run along Pine Hills Road. With a population of around 75,000, recent improvements and developments within the area have contributed to its safety and security.

If you are interested in moving or retiring to Pine Hills, FL, but worried about what you’ve seen in the news, read on to learn more.

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Where Is Pine Hills Florida and What County Is It?

Pine Hills is an unincorporated subdivision located west of Orlando and is part of Orange County in Florida. It covers 12.7 square miles, 12.2 miles of land area, and half a square mile of water. The neighborhood in this area is filled with parks and schools. Pine Hills has three arterial highways, including State Road 50, State Road 408, and Silver Star Road.

The neighborhood is 31.7km away from the Orlando Sanford Airport and 79.5km away from Daytona Beach Airport. From Orlando, you can take the Lynx Central Florida Transport Bus 48, 49, and 105 to reach Pine Hills.

Pine Hills Orlando Crime Rate

The crime rate in Pine Hills is 72% higher than the country’s average. In comparison, violent crimes are 68% higher than the average, according to a Federal Bureau of Investigations report released in September 2019. However, it is good to note that crimes have dropped down to 9% every year since 2015, with homicide rates decreasing by almost half.

According to a local report to the sheriff’s office, Orange County sheriffs have initiated different programs to help lower incidents in Pine Hills. One of these initiatives was Operation Rise, created to reduce crimes through increased law empowerment presence, which also included adding a substation between Pine Hills and Silver Star Road.

Another program that helped address gun violence in Pine Hills Orlando, Florida, was Operation Ceasefire, which was launched by the Central Florida Urban League. According to the group, Operation Ceasefire is a “community-led initiative meant to curb gun violence in Pine Hills through early intervention and mentoring that encompasses community leaders, social services, and law enforcement.”

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More importantly, aside from intervention programs from authorities and organizations, neighborhood individuals are also creating ways to improve the safety of the area from Pine Hills Orlando gangs through community policing.

Is Pine Hills Really That Bad?

News and media outlets usually portray Pine Hills Orlando, Florida, as a rowdy community threatened by crime and one with an unruly population, which makes one question how bad is Pine Hills, Orlando. However, in recent years, it has to be noted that Pine Hills has also been the focus of development and revitalization efforts to bring back the vitality of the vicinity. Community development activities from county officials and authorities are continuously being implemented to improve the quality of life.

Pine Hills has a diverse population, a strong workforce, and thriving businesses and education systems. In general, this community is considered vibrant and relatively safe compared to other parts of the city, which have more Orlando gangs.

Are There Programs That Support the Neighborhood?

Aside from initiatives from local authorities and the different organizations that aim to reduce the crime rate in Pine Hills Orlando, Florida, there is also a myriad of activities and groups working towards improving the quality of living within Orlando. Pine Hills Community centers partner with government agencies, churches, non-profit organizations, and local schools. The main goal of assisting children and families living in Pine Hills and Orange County is to empower families and communities to become more self-sufficient and self-supporting.

The local education system in Pine Hills has also improved over the years. With changes in the organization, schools and colleges are more focused on the students’ academics. That way, Pine Hills students are supported and empowered to finish their studies and graduate through college.

Is Pine Hills a Good Place to Live?

With an improved focus from county officials, Pine Hills Orlando, Florida, is growing, thriving, and presents excellent living and working opportunities. Individuals take great pride in their community. As you enter this part of Orlando, you will be greeted by a community sign that says, “An Orange County Community with Pride.”

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Considered one of the oldest and largest neighborhoods within Orange County, Pine Hills has a lot of amenities, retail, dining, and recreation options within its locality. The cost of living in this area calculates to 14% less than the average cost of living within the United States. And if you’re looking for a property, it would be great to know that the median home value in Pine Hills is 49% lower than the rest of the United States.

What Does It Feel Like Living in Pine Hills?

As a suburban community, living in Pine Hills is usually described as having a resort city vibe with a vibrant neighborhood feel. Families and residents can enjoy the variety of parks within its vicinity. As for the weather, the months of November, April, and March are considered the most pleasant on this side of the country.

Whether you’re looking for a home or you’re an empty nester, Pine Hills apartments and residential properties can prove to be easy on your wallet. The majority of the homes in the area are ideally cozy for families looking to have a reasonably-priced property in the Orlando area.

With its proximity to the center of the city, you can visit a variety of destinations in your free time, such as Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando, and Universal Orlando Resort.

How Can You Stay Safe in Pine Hills?

For most of those who have lived in Pine Hills, the general sentiment is that the neighborhood is not as dangerous as it was in the early 1990s. It is, however, advisable to take some safety precautions like you usually would in other parts of the city. Here are a few tips:

  1. Stay at home in the late evenings. To avoid encountering any possible incidents in the streets, residents would advise fellow neighbors to stay indoors. Daytime is usually considered to be relatively safe by most residents.
  2. Be active in the community. Pine Hills has a diverse neighborhood in terms of ethnicity and income levels. Living in a community with people from various cultures can be exciting and vibrant, primarily since the dominant culture within this area is welcoming and open. 
  3. Install a security camera on your property. Residents and local business owners in Pine Hills recommend installing a security camera to avoid people from loitering outside their property, just like the Ring Spotlight Camera (view on Amazon). This camera is easy to install, and you can customize the motions and which zones to focus on in your outdoors. It also has flexible power options such as backup power and optional solar panel.
  4. Select which areas to look at. While looking for a place to settle, consider safe neighborhoods like those near colleges and schools within Pine Hills.

Pine Hills Orlando, Florida Reviews

Based on reviews from various websites, the general sense in Pine Hills’ population is that residents love the sense of community in this area. They did cite criminal activities that have been rampant in the past. The good news is that the programs and initiatives appear to be working since the neighborhood has seen an improvement in safety and security.

The majority of the reviews are also looking forward to having an improvement with infrastructure and commercial buildings. Being the subject of revitalization, this old neighborhood has seen development in the construction and renovation of buildings and institutions.

Conclusion – Is Pine Hills Orlando Florida Safe?

Choosing Pine Hills, Orlando, Florida, might take a few considerations, especially when it comes to safety. It’s a good thing to note that this part of Orlando has already been improving over the years, and there’s a serious effort to maintain the peace and order of Pine Hills.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a vibrant, dynamic, and diverse community with reasonably priced real estate options, then Pine Hills is worth looking into.

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