What Is New Hampshire Known For? (Fun Facts)

You probably heard of New Hampshire’s rugged, independent spirit and the state’s multitude of interesting spots and activities. But have you ever wondered how New Hampshire got its name? How about some things that New Hampshire locals need to explain to out-of-towners? If you’re planning a trip, you may have asked, ‘What is New Hampshire Known For?’

New Hampshire is famous for its ‘Live Free or Die’ motto. It’s also known for historic figures like the 14th US President Franklin Pierce and renowned poet Robert Frost. For food, Fluffa Nuttah and Steak bombs are New Hampshire favorites.

In a nutshell, here’s a list of what New Hampshire is famous for:

  1. Its nickname is Granite State.
  2. Their motto is ‘Live Free or Die.’
  3. Captain Mason named it after England County Hampshire.
  4. Agriculture is its top industry.
  5. Dan Brown was born here.
  6. The first US public library was founded here.
  7. It’s the home of Burdick Chocolate Mice.
  8. American Chop Suey is the state’s comfort food.
  9. Castle in the Clouds is a magical experience.
  10. Snowmobile is the state’s go-to transportation.

Read on to get an in-depth view of New Hampshire because we curated not just facts, but fun trivia about the state.

Exeter, New Hampshire

What Is New Hampshire Known For?

Let’s face it – trivia, by itself, is already fun! But we understand that your interests vary, so we categorized these New Hampshire fun facts based on what you consider the most fun!

The Basics

1. Its Nickname

Granite State is New Hampshire’s most common nickname, owing to the state’s extensive granite formations and quarries. Interestingly, 30,000 tons of this igneous rock was also used to build the Library of Congress. New Hampshire’s other names are Mother of Rivers, White Mountain State, and Switzerland of America.

2. The Motto

New Hampshire’s Live Free or Die motto was inspired by the statement of General John Stark, hero of the Battle of Bennington, in 1809 and is simply the way things are around New Hampshire.

3. Name Origin

Captain John Mason named the state after an England county called Hampshire.

4. Main Industries

Agriculture (eggs, cattle, apples, dairy products), plastics, machinery, electronic equipment, and tourism.

The People

5. Artists

If you want to know what New Hampshire is known for, just look at the famous people who lived in the state. Among them were Dan Brown (The Da Vinci Code author), Robert Frost (poet), and Seth Meyers (actor and comedian).

6. Political Scene

Civil rights activist Salmon Chase, the 14th President of the US Franklin Pierce, and Supreme Court Justice Harlan Stone hailed from New Hampshire. It also is among the first states to hold presidential primaries.

New Hampshire Firsts

7. State Constitution

New Hampshire was the first state out of the thirteen original colonies to have its state constitution, declaring its independence from England six months before the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. The Granite State also was the first to vote for the Declaration of Independence.

8. Public Library

The first US public library was founded here (Peterborough) in 1833.

9. American in Space

Alan B. Shepard, Jr., the first American to orbit the earth aboard Freedom 7 in May 1961, was from East Derry, New Hampshire.

10. Alarm Clock

Levi Hutchins from Concord invented the first alarm clock in 1787.

11. Potato

In 1719, the first potato in the US was planted at Londonderry Common Field (currently known as Derry).

Proudly New Hampshire Made

Apart from the basics, what else is New Hampshire known for? Iconic products, and below are just some of them.

12. Pewter Products

The gorgeous Christmas ornaments manufactured by Hampshire Pewter in Wolfeboro are one-of-a-kind because the company is the only manufacturer in North America that still hand-casts its pewter products. Its sought-after products include goblets, oil lamps, tankards, and jewelry.

13. Pitco Frialators

Before you indulge in a plate of French fries or chomp down a donut, consider that it may have been cooked in a Pitco Frialator, the company founded by J. C. Pitman in 1918 and currently operates in Concord and Bow. Apart from fryers, however, other Pitco equipment includes rethermalizers, charbroilers, griddles, and pasta cookers.

14. Handmade Baskets

The distinctive metal tag on every Peterboro Basket Co.’s handmade basket marks craftsmanship that has been perfected for more than 159 years. So, the next time you go biking or having a picnic, look into this handmade basket that’s a class of its own.

15. Burdick Chocolate Mice

Feel as if you were among the esteemed guests at the wedding of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg because this cute confection from the renowned LA Burdick in Walpole was given as a wedding treat.

16. Globe Fire Suits

All thanks to Globe Manufacturing Company, a family-owned company since 1887 that has been in Pittsfield, New Hampshire since 1901, firefighters wear waterproof turnout gear with zippers, reflective strips, and giant pockets.


What food is New Hampshire known for? Here are a few:

17. Pancake

You can’t say that you’ve tasted the best pancake unless you’ve grabbed a bite at Polly’s. Many locals claim that it’s worth the trip up the White Mountains. With a rich swirl of real maple syrup, every bite is perfection.

18. Fluffa Nuttah

What food is New Hampshire known for? Fluffa Nuttah ranks among the top ones. This delicious treat called ‘fluffernutter’ by some New England residents is so good but easy to make. Just get two pieces of bread, then put a marshmallow on one side and peanut butter on the other.

19. Steak Bomb

If you haven’t tasted this submarine sandwich made of steak, salami, onions, and green peppers topped by mushrooms, don’t leave New Hampshire without having a bite.

20. American Chop Suey

American Chop Suey is synonymous with comfort in New Hampshire. It’s a delectable mix of ground beef, peppers, elbow macaroni, tomato sauce, and onions.

American Chop Suey

Tourist Attractions in New Hampshire

If you’re still wondering, ‘What is New Hampshire known for?’ you’d tick off lots in your checklist with these famous vacation spots.

Mt. Washington and The Cog Railway

Have a fantastic summit view of four states below Mt. Washington on a clear day or peek through clouds while the summit is in sunlight. For a nostalgic experience, reserve a seat at an authentic coal-fired steam engine train in the mornings from late May to late October.

Castle In the Clouds

Eager to know what New Hampshire is famous for? Check out the Castle In the Cloud at the Old Mountain Road in Moultonborough. Whether you’re looking into indoor or outdoor fun, this 5,500-acre tourist destination offers tours of the 1914 Lucknow Mansion, showcasing modern-for-the-time electrical appliances. Outdoors, breathe in the 28 miles of hiking trails, carriage roads, mountain views, and waterfalls.

Strawbery Banke

The 10-acre Strawbery Banke Museum is in Portsmouth, home to an old port neighborhood spanning four centuries. Get a glimpse of the past as you walk through restored and preserved houses or observe costumed interpreters while they demonstrate crafting and cooking done in various eras.

Ice Castles

Prepare to be captivated by this hand-crafted castle in North Woodstock. Your magical adventure includes a walkthrough along maze-like tunnels, frozen caves, and exhilarating glides at ice-carved slides.

Hampton Beach

For generations, Hampton Beach, a famous resort town, has been among the favorites in the northeast because of its casino. This community focal point was built not for gambling but to house tearooms, family entertainment, and a ballroom. You can also witness how the beach transforms into a giant art gallery every June when international participants play against each other at the Hampton Beach Master Sand Sculpting Competition.

Woodstock Inn Brewery

Distributing seasonal and limited-edition beers across New England all year round, this brewery at Main Street grew from a small seven-barrel to a 30-barrel state-of-the-art solar fed facility. Complete your tour with a chance to try five selected samples and bring home a pint glass.

New Hampshire Fun Facts

Autumn Colors in New Hampshire

You won’t feel like an out-of-towner once you know these things that are innately New Hampshire.

No Sales Tax

Of the New Hampshire fun facts, this will probably light your eyes. You can shop all you want because no tax will be levied on your purchases.

Snowmobile Away

When traveling in New Hampshire, riding a snowmobile is sometimes best. Also, the snowmobile was invented in Ossipee, New Hampshire, so it’s the go-to mode of transport by most locals, not to mention that you can use it for recreational racing.

Spelling Whiz

Difficult words like Winnipesaukee and Kancarnagus are ‘common’ terms among Granite Staters. Learn to spell them in your sleep, and you’d feel right at home.

Bumper Sticker

If your bumper sticker doesn’t have the phrase, ‘This Car Climbed Mount Washington,’ you haven’t lived in the state of New Hampshire.

Wicked Isn’t Evil

‘Wicked’ for Granite Staters is the same as ‘really.’ But it could go both ways.

New Hampshire Accent

While many Granite Staters deny having an accent, ‘butter’ is ‘buttah’ and ‘here’ is ‘he-ah.’ The ‘er’ end of words are also often dropped, like ‘socks in a draw’ instead of ‘drawer.’

Conclusion: What Is New Hampshire Known For?

Let’s recap what makes New Hampshire famous:

  1. Its nickname is Granite State.
  2. Their motto is ‘Live Free or Die.’
  3. Captain Mason named it after England County Hampshire.
  4. Agriculture is its top industry.
  5. Dan Brown was born here.
  6. The first US public library was founded here.
  7. It’s the home of Burdick Chocolate Mice.
  8. American Chop Suey is the state’s comfort food.
  9. Castle in the Clouds is a magical experience.
  10. Snowmobile is the state’s go-to transportation.

New Hampshire is known for many famous and interesting icons, but above all else, it takes great pride in its lifestyle, personal freedom, and the state’s innate beauty. So, what is New Hampshire famous for? From its mountains and seacoast to its renowned products and sumptuous food, an array of experiences is waiting to unfold when you visit the Granite State.

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