9 Best Marathon Key Retirement Communities

Retirement, by definition, entails withdrawing from working life after having earned enough income, savings, and pension to cover one’s living expenses. If you are apart of the workforce, you are undoubtedly looking forward to the day when you can sit back, relax, and unwind. You can finally do what you love most.

While there are retirement homes and communities set up all over the country, one of the best places to retire is the Marathon Key. This place is ideal because the view is picturesque and relaxing and the weather is beautiful and fair all year round. There are more locals than tourists residing in the area, and a vast array of activities are available, such as diving, boating, and fishing.

If you’re not sure about Marathon Key, you can take a quick vacation and see for yourself. It is also a beautiful place to take a short breather away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Your relatives will love visiting you in the keys. Read on to know which communities in Marathon Key are the best for retirement.

9 Best Marathon Key Retirement Communities

Marathon Key Sunset

1. Heron House

Heron House offers assisted living for its residents. It is a small community, consisting of only 16 units, where retirees can choose between private or shared accommodations. As it is a small community, there are more than enough caregivers to attend to all of the residents’ needs. From bathing to eating to grooming and staying on track with medication, the staff at Heron House are trained and equipped to provide residents with everything they need. 

Heron House is also ready to accommodate special requests such as special diets or activities. They also provide transportation to residents and their loved ones, whether it be to doctor’s appointments, shopping at the mall, or even to attend religious services. Other services provided by Heron House include speech therapy, occupational therapy, and regular checkups, among others.

2. Green Family Home

The Green Family Home in Marathon Key offers many different community lifestyles, which include active retirement, continuing care, and senior living communities. This allows the community to cater to a wide variety of needs that many different retirees might have.

3. Marathon Manor

Located near famed Florida shores, Marathon Manor is an excellent choice for retirees seeking a community where they can be active. This community also offers senior living and continuing care for other retirees who might be looking for these kinds of services.

4. The Palace Gardens

Having been set up in the 1980s, The Palace Group boasts extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to caring for retirees. The Palace Gardens has 21 beds that are up for accommodation and is one of Florida’s prime adult care institutions.

5. Lifeline Home Health Service

Specializing in-home care, Lifeline Home Health Service is ideal for retirees looking for an environment that more closely resembles a residence. They are equipped with everything that a retiree could need, such as basic amenities and activities.

6. Homestead Manor

The Homestead Manor is a nursing home that prides itself on excellent healthcare and well-trained staff. They’re not only able to take care of residents with a wide variety of daily and medical needs but are also able to speak a variety of different languages such as Creole, French, Filipino, German, Spanish and even sign language. It is quite a sizable community with up to eighty-eight beds available for accommodation. 

7. Brookwood Gardens Center

Brookwood Gardens Center is one of the many top-class nursing homes that line the Florida shore. An organization based on family, they aim to nourish a resident-centered practice when it comes to healthcare services. They are specially equipped to take care of retirees who might have special medical needs. They offer not only residents and basic amenities but also specialized services such as rehabilitation services and clinical services. Brookwood Gardens aim to provide not only for residents’ physical and medical needs but also place equal emphasis on retirees’ spirituality and, most of all, their quality of life.

8. Ocean Breeze Marathon

This location is ideal for retirees looking to enjoy more independent living. With fair weather and beautiful views of the beach all year round, retirees seeking a breath of fresh air far away from the business of their former places of work should check out Ocean Breeze Marathon.

9. Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina

Serving the Marathon area, Sunshine Key RV Resort & Marina is an institution that is focused on the well-being of residents and also, their quality of life. They offer not only basic amenities and services, but also a wide array of ocean activities for residents to indulge in, such as boating, fishing, and sightseeing.


Grandparents Walking the Dog

The law does not specify a specific age for retirement; however, a good majority of retirees started at the age of around sixty-five years. Some people retire before reaching sixty years of age; this is called early retirement.

What you do with all of the time that you get after retirement is entirely up to you. Some people travel. Others indulge in hobbies and interests that they never had the time or resources to do before. Some of these hobbies include painting, writing, and even sports (golf is a popular choice among retirees). Retirees also engage in what is called a ‘part-time retirement.’ They do work that pique their interest but get paid slightly less than what they used to earn. Some retirees even hire retirement planners to help them figure out what to do with their time and even their money. 

Retirement Communities

However, one common choice of activity among retired folks is going into retirement homes and joining retirement communities. A retirement community is precisely what it sounds like – a place where retirees, mostly senior citizens, spend their retirement. These communities typically have all the amenities and supplies that retirees might need to enjoy their retirement, and some even offer special activities for their tenants.

Retirement communities vary in style and services. There are retirement communities that offer independent living for those who do not need any special or particular medical assistance. These types of communities come equipped with everything that a retiree will need, such as essential living utilities, meals, housekeeping, and sometimes even social activities. In these places, retirees are free to interact with each other or enjoy their time on their own. 

Assisted Living Communities

Some communities offer assisted living for those who need some assistance with daily life, but not so much so that they need the specialized skills of workers from, say, a nursing home. Just like independent living communities, assisted living communities offer basic amenities and services along with unspecialized assistance for getting dressed, bathing, and toilet use. This kind of community is ideal for those dealing with early-stage memory loss or for those who need extra supervision.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are another type of retirement community. They are ideal for people who need specialized help, typically in the medical area. These communities come in different settings, with others set up to emulate a residence and with others made to feel more like a hospital. Another type of retirement community is continuing care. It entails having a long-term home for retirees where they can spend the rest of their days from the beginning up until they need more assistance.

Trying to decide where you want to spend the rest of your days can be quite a scary endeavour, but it does not have to be complicated. Ask yourself the critical questions, such as: will they have all the amenities that I need? Do they provide activities that I might enjoy? Are the surroundings, weather, and atmosphere to my liking? In the case that you are picking out a place for a loved one, the questions you should be asking remain the same.

Retirement is a time to enjoy; a time to relax and catch up on hobbies, interests, and stories that you never had the time to pay attention to before. It is also a chance to spend time with your closest friends and loved ones. Enjoy and be thankful for this time and have fun choosing your new place of residence for you to deserve the best.

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