Can I Book a Hotel for Someone Else?

The question “Can I book a hotel for someone else?” is common among those planning to gift a loved one with a weekend getaway that includes hotel accommodation. Or maybe, your mom, dad, or any elderly family member asked you a favor to book a room for them as it’s too much of a hassle on their end.

So, can I book a hotel for someone else? Since there are two possible interpretations to this question, there are also two answers: yes, and it depends. Yes, if you’ll only help or assist them with the booking, and it depends if you plan to use your card and hotel or travel-booking agency account.

Let us help you understand these answers better as we discuss them in detail. We’ll discuss how you should go about the process, what to expect, and more.

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Can I Book a Hotel on Behalf of Someone Else?

This first interpretation of the query “Can you book a hotel for another person?” is what’s answerable by a yes. With the advent of online booking via the web or a mobile application, it’s easier for anyone to let a trusted person book hotel accommodation for them.

If a family member, friend, or co-worker asks you to do so, you must have all the information ready. That includes personal and financial information. Additionally, you need their login information if they have accounts with third-party travel booking agencies, such as TripAdvisor, Expedia, and, or the hotel itself.

That said, it would be best to have the person you’re booking the room for right next to you while doing so. This way, you can easily ask them for any information you need to input.

It’s also worth noting that you can book a room on their behalf in person and via phone as long as you have all the necessary information.

Can You Check Into a Hotel Without the Person Who Booked It?

The second connotation to the reply to “Can I book a hotel for someone else under your name?” is it depends because it relies on whether you’ll check in with the guest you’re booking the room for.

Some hotels don’t allow anyone to check in if the cardholder or main guest isn’t around. They have this policy because of possible fraud or unauthorized use of someone else’s credit or debit card.

In other hotels (in fact, most of them), they will let a guest check in even without the registered main guest. However, they have strict regulations that you and the person you booked the room for would need to abide by, again, to prevent fraud. Generally, you and the guest need to keep the following in mind:

Send and Present a Written Consent or Authorization

Before the booked date, you would need to call the hotel to inform them that you won’t be arriving with the other guest/s but will be the one paying for the accommodation.

They will require you to email or fax a written consent or third-party authorization to charge your credit or debit card together with proof of identity. Your signature on the consent should also match the signature on your ID. Make sure you also furnish a copy for the booked guests to present upon check-in.

The signed doc should also indicate the maximum amount you authorize to be charged to your card.

How many days of stay are you paying for? Are you merely paying for the room, or does it include incidentals? Answers to these questions are among the most vital pieces of information you need to provide.

Present Guest’s ID

As a standard policy, the guest you booked the room for should present their ID. If more than one guest will use one room, the other guests no longer need to present their IDs individually—only the registered guest.

The ID presented should match the name, age, and address in the hotel’s record and unexpired.

Deposit Guest’s Card or Cash (Case-to-Case Basis)

If you are only paying for the room, the registered guest should have their credit or debit card ready. The hotel would need it to charge any damages, lost items, bar bills, and other incidentals during their stay. Of course, it should also match the name on the hotel reservation.

In case the person doesn’t have one, they will be required to deposit cash. The amount will depend on the hotel’s policy and then be given back, minus any deductions, after the final inspection of their room once they checked out.

How Can I Book for Someone Else Under My Name?

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Now that you have the essential information, it’s time to learn how to book a room for another person using your card or financial information.

You’ll find that some hotels allow their patrons (you) to book a stay for someone else without your name anywhere in the reservation. Generally, you would need to call the hotel for you to enjoy this privilege.

Keep in mind, though, that you’ll most likely not earn elite night credits, loyalty points, and other perks you usually enjoy. Still, some hotel chains, like the Hilton, give their regular clientele points in this scenario.

That said, when it comes to the question, “Can you book a hotel for another person under your name?”, yes, you can do so in two ways, namely:

Via the Hotel’s Website or Mobile App

When booking a stay for another person via the hotel’s site or app, you first need to log in to your account. Fill in the necessary information, but keep the following in mind:

  • Input One of the Guest’s Names

Add one of the person’s names you’re booking the room for as a guest. If the hotel’s site or app doesn’t allow it, simply push through with the reservation and call the hotel to add “your guest” (the other person). Doing so ensures they can check in without you being physically present.

  • Input the Addresses

Some hotels have online forms with different lines for billing and primary guest’s home address. Input the correct information accordingly. If the hotel doesn’t allow this, it would be best to reserve a room via a phone call.

  • Call the Hotel

Upon check-in, the hotel will surely ask for the primary guest, you. Thus, as noted earlier, it’s best to call the hotel before the reserved date of stay and inform them that you won’t arrive with the other guests. This will help everyone save time.

Alternatively, you can check in via the hotel’s app, if allowed, so that when your guests arrive, they can simply ask for a spare key upon check-in.

Through a Third-Party Booking System

Nowadays, there are a lot of third-party travel booking sites. If you use them rather than a specific hotel, it’s definitely the best option for you.

Once you log in to your account, choose the room and dates of stay, and then add one of the people you’re booking the room for as the primary guest. Then proceed as per the site’s instructions.

Can You Book a Hotel for Someone Else Using My Points or Rewards?

When you’ve earned enough points to book a stay and want to use them for a loved one, it’s also possible. Some hotel chains even let you use the free night certificate you’ve been rewarded with. However, there are more restrictions when you do so than when you pay using your card.

The process of how you can reserve a room using these points and rewards will depend on the hotel’s or chain’s policies. For instance, Marriot only allows you to do so via a phone call, while you can do it online with Hilton.

Depending on your membership status, the booked guests can enjoy the same perks you enjoy each time you book a room with them. It can include a guaranteed late check-out, free breakfast, and room upgrades.

How About Transferring Points Instead?

Yes, you can transfer your accumulated points to your loved one if they have an account at the same hotel. Note that some hotels, such as IHG, charge a specific amount for the transferred points. Others won’t charge anything, but some terms and conditions should be considered.

For instance, the maximum Marriott Hotel points you can transfer to one member in one calendar year is 100,000. Also, just like when booking a stay for someone using your points, you need to call the hotel to make the transfer.

Meanwhile, you need to have a minimum of 1,000 Hyatt hotel points for you to be able to transfer them free of charge. You can also only transfer (or receive) points once a month or, to be precise, 30 days. Additionally, the transfer will usually take some time because you need to fill out a form and send it to the specific Hyatt branch.

Of course, there’s also a drawback when using the transferred points when booking a room. In any event that the booking gets canceled, you’ll have a hard time getting the points back to your account. Even worse, you might not be able to gain it back.

Why Book a Hotel for Someone Else Under Your Name?

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From the detailed explanation of the answer to “Can you book a hotel for someone else under your name?”, you’ll find that there is a bit of a hassle both you and the person you’re booking a room for will experience. So, why even bother doing so?

Well, not only is it one of the most unforgettable gifts you can give someone, especially since they can also enjoy the same benefits that you usually do. You’ll also benefit from it; you’ll still receive elite night credits and award points or rewards. After all, you’re booking under your name or account.

Meanwhile, if you decide you only want to transfer points and not pay for their stay, you’re still allowing your relative, friend, or co-worker to save money from the total accommodation cost. That is whether or not the points will pay for their entire stay. They’ll have extra to spend on food, activities, souvenirs, or travel essentials like an anti-theft mini travel bag (view on Amazon) or an RFID-blocking wallet (view on Amazon) that can fit their passport.

Booking a Hotel for Someone Else Is Allowed

Undoubtedly, you can book accommodation for another person, but it becomes a bit more challenging when it comes to the question, “Can I book a hotel for someone else under my name?

Not only is the process a bit different, but there are some considerations to keep in mind. By checking the specific hotel’s policy, terms, and conditions ahead of time, you’ll know how to go about reserving and paying for a room for that special person.

Now, all you’ve to do is decide who deserves a good ole vacation so that they can start packing their best luggage (view on Amazon)!

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