Florida vs Texas: Which Is Better to Live In? (Pros & Cons)

Florida and Texas are excellent places to live because of their fantastic weather and no personal income tax. However, choosing one or the other depends on your interests, situation, and key factors such as safety, cost of living, weather, and lifestyle. You want to pick a place that would make you the most comfortable and happiest. So, when comparing Florida vs Texas, which is better to live in?

Texas and Florida are both great states to live in, but when deciding, you may want to focus on a particular city that would help narrow down your choice. For example, compare Houston and Jacksonville, then consider things like safety, cost of living, and housing prices.

With that said, this article provides an overall look at both states, covering their pros and cons and general knowledge. Following this, you should have a better idea of where you would want to live.

To start, here are some notable facts about Florida and Texas:

  1. Florida has a higher cost of living.
  2. Texas is bigger and more populated.
  3. There is a higher crime rate in Texas.
  4. It is tougher to find housing in Florida.
  5. It is warmer in Texas.
  6. There is no personal income tax in both Florida and Texas.
  7. Florida has more tourist attractions to offer.
  8. Texas’ location is central.
  9. 20% of Florida’s population are seniors; 12% for Texas.
  10. Florida ranks higher in educational standards.
  11. State and property taxes are higher in Texas.
  12. There are more employment opportunities in Florida.
  13. Texas is more culturally diversified.
  14. Transportation is better in Florida, but not the traffic.

When comparing Florida and Texas, there are many factors to consider. Read on to learn more about each state and which is better for you.

Florida vs Texas

Living in Florida or Texas has its pros and cons. Below are notable points that highlight each state.

Why Live in Florida Over Texas

Florida Home Along the Coast


The Sunshine State, Florida, is in the southeastern part of the US and is more tropical than Texas. Imagine diverse and more lush vegetation around you. Another advantage of living in Florida is that its topography is more even than Texas, which would work for you if you’re not much of a hiker. You could also expect smoother travel on its well-maintained roads.


While hurricanes frequent Florida, there aren’t many tornadoes hitting the state, unlike Texas. Of the two weather disturbances, tornadoes wreak more havoc. And when Florida reaches its temperature high of 91 degrees, it’s the right time to hit the beaches and lounge on your backpack cooler chair (view on Amazon). A pair of foldable beach chairs, adjust them to 5 reclining positions based on your comfort.


Florida’s state economy ranked in the top ten states in the US as of 2020. One of the benefits of living in Florida is that this translates to more employment doors opening for you if you decide to move to the Sunshine State. Its unemployment rate of about 4% is also expected to decrease as it projects more than 40% growth in job opportunities in the next ten years.

Tourist Attractions

If you chose Florida over Texas, you would live closer to famous tourist attractions like the Walt Disney World Resort and Everglades National Parks. Moreover, Atlantic Coast beaches like the Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale Beach seem to be more favored than Texas’ Gulf beaches. While Texas takes pride in its coastline, the state is so big that you might not be close enough to its beaches.

The North Florida beaches, in particular, are stunning. Whether you’re searching for one that is lively or quiet, family-friendly, or great for couples, there’s a place you’ll enjoy.


Food is likewise quite an experience in Florida, especially if you try its famous Key Lime Pie. Other Floridian delicacies are the Apalachicola Oysters, Florida Stone Crab, and the Cuban Sandwich.


Florida doesn’t levy personal income tax, giving the state an overall tax burden that doesn’t put too many holes in your pocket. Its state tax is also pegged at a mere 6% and a property tax that doesn’t even reach 1%. This factor, therefore, could bring the cost of living in Florida a notch down the scale.


Housing is a bit steep in Florida. The average cost of housing for new Floridians is at least $300k. If you decide to rent, be ready with at least $1,800 every month.


This is more about what kind of education awaits your children than the actual educational cost. But often, when one learning institution ranks high in the academic standards, the price follows suit.

Relative to this quality slash cost determinant, Florida ranks third (as of 2021) for its primary, middle school, and higher education.

Crime Rate

Florida has an overall higher crime rate compared to Texas. There are, however, several places in Florida safe to live in.

Safest Towns
  1. Winter Springs
  2. North Palm
  3. Satellite Beach
  4. St. Cloud

Why Live in Texas Over Florida

Texas Neighborhood


Situated in the central-southern part of the US, Texas has smaller town options in rural areas. It’s more mountainous compared to Florida if you move further west.

Tourist Attractions

Hill Country is the perfect spot for hikers and climbers, attracting about 5 million tourists yearly. Other magnets that draw people in are:

  • Austin’s Dripping Springs and Fredericksburg’s historic city
  • The breathtaking desert in West Texas
  • New Mexico’s Carlsbad Caverns National Park on the state’s western side


As of 2021, you’d pay fewer taxes compared to residents of 31 other states if you’re in Texas. But while you don’t have to pay personal income tax like in Florida, Texas’ average property tax is around 2%.


As the US’ second-largest state, Texas is home to weather changes from arid to tropical. You’re looking at a temperature low of 36 degrees to as high as 94. This state also is a ‘favorite’ spot of tornadoes, hitting Texas with up to 150 visits every year. Although rare, some areas get snow, which may be a plus for you if you enjoy some winter fun.

Cultural Diversity

Texas is a big state with diverse cultural influences. The backbone of its history is a rich mix of Southern, Anglo, Hispanic, and African origins.

Lower Cost of Living

Living in Texas is comparably more affordable than living in Florida, whether you plan on buying a new house or opt to rent. With the state’s streamlined process for property acquisition, also expect lower fees and mortgage interests.


If art is your thing, you’d get your fill in Texas. Austin, Texas, is famous for its South by Southwest, an annual festival featuring a collection of film, music, and interactive media. You could immerse yourself in its rich folklore and the Texan culture enriched by Southern influences, among others.


Among the pros and cons of living in Texas, transportation is challenging. Due to Texas’ large landmass, access to forms of transportation is a struggle. With an average commuting time of nearly 30 minutes, Texas doesn’t do well in transportation. However, the traffic situation could be better than Florida’s I-95, which is almost always jam-packed.


Among the benefits of living in Texas is the chance to experience what makes Texas unique – its food flavor. You haven’t lived the Texan way if you haven’t tried its famous Texas barbecue and chili sauces. Whether it’s plain old tacos or the equally famous Franklin’s brisket in Austin, you’d taste the authentic Texan flavor in every dish! Of the living in Texas pros and cons, Texan food is probably one of the benefits of living in Texas that you wouldn’t think twice about.

Conclusion: Texas vs Florida

Florida vs Texas

Living in either state requires looking into the factors that could make or break your move. Based on your set priorities, preferences, and innate personality, weigh which factor or factors would make your move more productive and comfortable in the long run.

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