Nevada vs Florida: Which is Better to Live In?

If you’re looking for sunshine, good weather, and gorgeous scenery, it’s hard to choose between the states of Nevada and Florida. Certainly, the first one is more associated with incredible desert and mountain scenery, while the latter recalls beach views and beautiful sunsets. But, beyond that, how can you choose when you’re looking at Nevada vs Florida?

What are the pros and cons of living in Florida or Nevada, and what should you know about each state? There are benefits to living in Florida, just like in Nevada, but there are also many aspects to consider, such as cost of living and climate.

Read on to find out how Nevada vs Florida compare in several aspects and what you should look out for when you choose to relocate.

Nevada vs Florida

Nevada vs Florida Cost of Living

One of the main considerations when choosing a place to live will, of course, be the costs you’ll encounter. Looking at the most recent data, living in Las Vegas, Nevada, is 7.2% more expensive than Orlando, Florida. This difference is made up of several areas of normal family expenses, including utilities, transportation, homeowner payments, food & groceries, etc.

Certain differences are negligible when looking at city living between the two states, like utilities (although these are still 0.3% more expensive in Nevada). There are, however, some very big gaps in transportation (16.7% more expensive) and house costs (11.4% more) in Nevada.

However, one area that favors Nevada is the fact the cost of healthcare, in general, is cheaper than Florida (up to 5% less).

What to Look Out For

When you’re considering your move, you need to ask yourself some key questions to help you decide on the benefits of living in Florida or Nevada. Some of these include:

  • Will you be a homeowner or renting? This can have a significant impact on all your associated costs, as your responsibilities will vary dramatically if you’re just renting.
  • Do you prefer the city or a rural area? And, if rural, how important is the closeness of amenities to you? Naturally, more isolated communities will post cheaper living costs at first glance but may turn out expensive when you factor in your traveling for even the most basic needs.
  • Is this a retirement or active relocation? If you’re still working, you could find employment that covers any changes in costs. However, if you’re looking for senior living in Florida or Nevada, you need to check costs against your known retirement funds.


An important factor in many people’s decision of living in Nevada or Florida, climate can vary within a state but is a good way to choose a place to live.

On the one hand, living in Florida may look like all sunshine and beach days. On the other hand, the state is known for high temperatures and significant humidity levels, so it’s not exactly for anyone looking for warm-weather living. Florida is the warmest of all the US states, with an average annual temperature of c. 71F. However, summer heat brings extreme weather such as thunderstorms with serious lightning hazards. Moreover, the high humidity can be oppressive.

There’s one last thing to consider about living in Florida: the risk of tornadoes. The Tampa Bay Times advises that Florida has the third most tornadoes of any other state. So, if you’re not happy to potentially re-build parts of your house and garden regularly, not to mention living through some scary weather, Florida may not be for you.

In the Nevada vs Florida battle, then, how does Nevada compare? Unlike Florida, Nevada’s nice, warm, sunny weather comes without humidity. There are more or less 300 sunny days a year in the state and, if you choose to live in the north or at the state’s western border, you can benefit from a cooler climate as you get close to the mountains.

Things to Do in Nevada vs Florida

Lake Tahoe Sunset, Nevada

Whether you’re looking for fun weekends or you’re considering these states for senior living, both Nevada and Florida have their range of exciting attractions and things to do. They’re both tourist destinations for out-of-state visitors, so you know there are plenty of options to fill your free time.

Florida Attractions and Activities

The abundant Florida coastline makes it an excellent destination for those who love outdoor water sports. You’ll have your choice of yachting and sailing, swimming, surfing, canoeing, and snorkeling. You can start from scratch by taking lessons at numerous diving or snorkeling schools, joining sailing clubs, and more.

As for land sports, golf is a huge pastime, and living in Florida means you can enjoy more golf courses than any other state in the country. There are many tennis courts, too, and retirement communities have excellent facilities for practicing your favorite sport, allowing those who choose senior living in Florida to stay active and healthy.

Finally, Florida is home to many tourist attractions, such as theme parks, including the Walt Disney Resort World or Universal Studios, SeaWorld, and more.

Nevada Attractions and Activities

One of the pros of living in Nevada is the state’s sheer abundance of diverse landscapes, from the desert to the mountains. With such richness of scenery and geographical features, outdoor lovers will be delighted to try their hand at anything from rock climbing to hiking and mountain biking. Golf is also popular, again thanks to the many amazing settings for exceptional courses.

If you’re a fan of national parks, living in Nevada will win over Florida: you could be within quick reach of any one of Red Rock Canyon State Park, Great Basin National Park, and of course, Lake Tahoe. And Nevada is not just a summer paradise: there are ample opportunities for winter sports, skiing in particular, but also snowshoeing and snowmobiling.

Of course, if you’re not interested in outdoor pursuits, Nevada has a fantastic array of indoor and other attractions, starting with the entertainment hub that is Las Vegas. Gambling aside, you can see some great shows here for any type of entertainment: circus acts, dancing, music, but also live sports.

It’s worth noting also the exceptional diversity of living atmosphere in the state. You could enjoy a relaxed, outdoorsy life in the middle of the canyons, or you could be living in what some call the entertainment capital of the world under neon lights and negotiating the ever-busy streets of Las Vegas. You can say there’s something for almost everyone in this state!

Nevada vs Florida Taxes

One big living cost consideration in the United States is the tax law applicable in every state. While Florida is known for no state income taxes, it also has a very high sales tax. Nevada, too, lures newcomers with no state income tax, and it also boasts low real estate tax regimes.

It is difficult to say definitively that one state is better than the other from a tax perspective since they both offer a big rebate by not taxing your income. The high costs of living in Nevada and the sales taxes in Florida counteract these benefits, as do the high costs of insurance in Florida. Depending on your personal income and circumstances, this might be a deciding factor or not.

Nevada vs Florida: The Bottom Line

Lifeguard Tower, Miami Beach, Florida

The benefits of living in Nevada or Florida will look different to each person, depending on their phase of life, preferences, and financial considerations. Moreover, each state presents a wide variety of options when it comes to professional or retired life.

Living in Reno, Nevada doesn’t look anywhere near like a small rural farm in the desert. The same is true for senior living in a peaceful retirement community by a golf course compared to the busy life in Orlando, Florida. However, what you can know for sure when looking at Nevada vs Florida is that both states have exceptional natural beauty, great things to do at all ages, a supportive and diverse community, and – last but not least – an advantageous lack of state income tax!

Wherever you decide to move, we advise checking all the likely costs and pros and cons of living in Florida or Nevada, then make your choice based on your personal circumstances, and you won’t be disappointed.

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