Moving to Arizona from Chicago (Pros and Cons)

Moving to a new place creates a cocktail of emotions. You feel excited yet apprehensive, particularly if you’re uncertain of what awaits you in what would be your new home.

Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, guarantees sunshine and warm weather with diverse topography. If you’re planning to move to Arizona from Chicago, what are the pros and cons of relocating?

Arizona’s weather and the scenery are great reasons to move from Chicago; however, it may lack variety if you’re used to the busy city. The economy is strong with an increase in employment opportunities. Transportation can be tricky, though, since many places are far from each other.

Read on to know more than just the ups and downsides of moving to Arizona. This article included potential relocation costs, how Arizona compares to other states, and safe and scenic cities.

Truck Camper Driving in Arizona

Cost of Moving from Chicago to Arizona

Relocating is challenging and stressful, particularly if you’re thinking, ‘How much does it cost to move from Chicago to Arizona?’

Moving cost depends on distance, the weight of things to move, and extra services like packing. Below are approximated cost ranges from different moving companies.

Moving CompanyCost
TCI Logistics$800
Boerman Moving & Storage$2500 to $4500
Corsia Logistics$5000 to $10000
National Van Lines Inc$5200

In terms of the size of your move and preferred type of service, here’s a bird’s eye view of the costs:

SizeMoving CompanyMoving ContainerRental Truck
Studio/1 Bedroom$1300 to $2700$1500 to $2400$1100 to $1500
2 to 3 Bedrooms$2400 to $5500$2500 to $3800$1200 to $1800
4 and above Bedrooms$4500 to $9000$3500 to $4900$1500 to $2100

Arizona Versus Other States

Whether you’re moving to Arizona from Chicago or another state, it’s helpful to have some points of comparison. So, we listed how Arizona compares with other states across factors that you deem essential.


US News gives Arizona a 6.8 out of 10 overall score when compared to 150 US metro areas. The state ranks number 24 among the fastest-growing places with a desirability score of 7.3.

Cost of Living

Affordability is among the perks of living in the Grand Canyon State. If you’re moving from Chicago to Arizona, your cost of living is considerably lower than big city living. Arizona’s (Tucson) cost of living is about 15% lower, with your apartment rent approximately $500 less than if you’re staying in Chicago.

Compared to other states, the average cost of living in Arizona is less. Workers in the city also earn over $50,000 a year on average.


Arizona is a summer state with 300 days of sun, so it’s a drastic trade-off with Chicago’s snow. It’s also hotter than the other US states, but you’ll eventually acclimate to the warmth while lounging on beaches propped on a beach chair (view on Amazon).


Arizona’s forests are different from Washington’s or Oregon’s, particularly in the southern part. Instead of green trees, the state has sand and cacti. While much of the state is low desert, there are palm trees.

Moving to Arizona from Chicago Pros and Cons

Before making the decision, here are some reasons people may want to move to Arizona or not.


Toroweap Overlook Sunrise


Fondly called the ‘Grand Canyon State,’ Arizona takes pride in 300 days of wonderful sunshine every year. If you don’t enjoy adapting to seasonal changes, moving to Arizona from Chicago is an escape from frequent short fluctuations in temperature, cloudiness, wind direction, and humidity. Arizona seasons are milder and shorter, with an early spring in January. The chiller winter months also don’t last long.


Coupling with Arizona’s breathtaking landscape and consistent weather is a sound economy. Whether you’re moving to Arizona from Chicago or other states, the state’s economy is strong support while you get your bearing on a new place.


Work opportunities in Arizona (Phoenix) are projected to rise by nearly 50% in the next ten years. Sectors for your potential professional growth are tourism, copper mining, technology, healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing.


Arizona embraces innovation, and it’s among the states that open its doors to forward-thinking companies and technology startups like Uber. As of 2021, Apple expressed a desire to set up a $2 billion expansion venture in Arizona. After launching a self-driving vehicle program in the Grand Canyon State, Google recognized Arizona as a place where innovation can thrive because research and development are welcome.


The Grand Canyon, one of the 7 Natural Wonders of the World, is just the cherry on top that you can capture on your Panasonic LUMIX camera (view on Amazon). You’re surrounded by nature’s beauty in Arizona – mountains, rock formations, and lakes. Also waiting for you to behold are the following unique attractions:

  • Sedona
  • Horseshoe Bend
  • Lake Powell
  • Antelope Canyon
  • Monument Valley
  • Petrified Forest National Park

Golfer’s Heaven

Arizona is heaven for golf enthusiasts, with about 322 golf courses. The weather is best suited for golfing, and with mountain views as a backdrop, nearly everyone in Arizona is into golfing. Among the best golf courses are Desert Forest Golf Club in Carefree and Chiricahua in Scottsdale.


Highway Traffic, Phoenix, Arizona


Do you have to commute or drive often? Well, Arizona’s rich tourism can turn the traffic bumper-to-bumper. This is mainly in the early mornings and evenings when people go about in their lives. Compared to big-city traffic, however, it isn’t an equal nightmare.

Vacation Accidents

The Grand Canyon is among Arizona’s most significant tourist attractions, but it records nearly 700 falling accidents along its edges. Enjoying the Arizona landscape is truly inviting until a rattlesnake sneaks up on you. If you’re not cautious, you might experience Arizona’s statistics of about 150 rattlesnake bites a year.

Speed Limit

If you’re fond of taking a walk or riding your bike, be mindful of fast drivers. Cars speed along the wide roads of Arizona.


There are many exciting activities to explore at the Grand Canyon state, but they lack variety if you’re used to a busy city.


If you’re used to saying ‘hi’ to your neighbors, you may want to cut back because neighbor friendliness isn’t high in Arizona.


Many of the places in Arizona are spread out, so you need to drive everywhere. If you need to rely on public transportation, you may not get too lucky. And Phoenix is among the least walkable cities in the US, considering its summer heat.

Safest Cities in Arizona

Arizona’s crime rates are declining, although the state’s overall crime rate is higher than the US average. So, we put together a few Arizona cities that perform better against the nationwide average in terms of safety.

Paradise Valley

As one of Arizona’s rich cities, you’re in the midst of luxurious restaurants, real estate, and golf courses. Its crime rate is low and 50% lower than the national average. The cost of living is somewhat steep, but employment opportunities and activities to explore offer variety.

San Luis

This border town was the only Arizona city with zero murder in 2020, albeit more car theft instances versus the state and nationwide averages. It has a fast-growing population, and jobs aren’t abundant.


Once a prime farming community, it’s the fifth-largest Arizona city, perfect for raising your kids. It has 11 A-grade schools and is considered the fourth-best school district in the US. Since 2002, Gilbert’s crime rate has been declining and is three times smaller than the US median as of 2021.

Lake Havasu

The city lake draws in about 750,000 visitors a year for recreational boating and fishing. However, despite the huge tourist influx, Lake Havasu City’s crime rate is 44% lower than the national average.

Prescott Valley

Apart from a crime rate 45% lower than the US average, Prescott Valley boasts of historic houses and structures. It’s also near the Prescott National Forest, making it a tourist destination for hiking and seasonal fishing.

Arizona Scenic Spots

Get ready to be mesmerized by Arizona’s breathtaking beauty.

Prescott, Arizona Nature

Catalina Foothills

Amazing mountain views draw people to this city by Santa Catalina Mountains. With neighborhoods set on a desert landscape, you might see wildlife that doesn’t conform to traffic etiquette.

Cave Creek

It’s a scenic town near Phoenix that exudes an old western charm. Frontier Town, an old west town replica, offers a blast to the past through recreational adventures like horseback riding.


This historical landmark is a picturesque mountain valley in the White Mountains in eastern Arizona. From forests to the Little Colorado River, indulge in fishing, camping, or taking photographs of diverse natural elements.


Prescott is a favorite among culture lovers and adventure seekers. It is an architectural landmark amidst a gorgeous landscape. You’re around granite mountains, lakes, and pine forests to do some mountain biking or rock climbing.


Now a National Historic Landmark District, Tombstone was once a small mining city. It’s a favorite destination for people interested in the Old Wild West because of the preserved buildings dating back to the 1870s.

Conclusion: Moving to Arizona from Chicago (Pros and Cons)

If you’re hoping to experience generous sunlight with innovative technology as your backdrop, moving to Arizona from Chicago or other states is a great relocation move.

However, your priorities and reasons for moving are varied. Take the time to review the pros and cons of moving to Arizona from states like Chicago before you leap. This article aims to help you make an informed decision that may influence your life moving forward.

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