23 Best Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Arizona

Arizona is no doubt one of the best places to retire, thanks to its wide range of mobile home retirement communities. Packed with all the necessary amenities, these communities surely make living a lot easier and more convenient for those in the golden years.

The 23 Best Mobile Home Retirement Communities in Arizona

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1. Greenlaw Mobile Home Park

Located in Flagstaff, the Greenlaw Mobile Home Park offers a warm and peaceful neighborhood which retirees will surely love. Not only is the place safe and relaxing, but it also comes with all the necessary amenities you could ask for. 

Moreover, its custom-built houses make for a perfect living. Also, their facilities are designed to improve your overall quality of life.

2. Lake Powell Mobile Home Village

With around 8,000 residents, Lake Powell Mobile Home Village is a modern community that is situated close to the magnificent Lake Powell which borders between Arizona and Utah. It’s a friendly, relaxing, and safe neighborhood that is perfect for retirees and even those who want to live a peaceful life. 

It comes complete with all the necessary amenities and facilities such as health centers, schools, shopping centers, community services, and more.

3. Agave Village

Located in Mesa, Arizona, Agave Village is one of the most sought-after communities for people who are aiming to live a peaceful life at 55 and above. It comes with several amenities such as learning/business center, fitness center, pickleball court, indoor and outdoor activities, and more. It’s also a pet-friendly community with its own dog park, making it an excellent choice for retirees who are also dog lovers.

4. Orangewood

Situated quite a bit of a distance from the bustling city life, the Orangewood community makes the perfect option if you’re planning to retire in a friendly, quiet, and peaceful neighborhood. It’s a premier mobile community that comes with 382 lots, each of which is landscape and features a beautiful view of their own.

Also, as a gated private community, you can have peace of mind knowing that you can relax without having to worry about any security issues. It also comes with lots of amenities, including a clubhouse and a five-hole golf course, among others.

5. Pine Lakes

Hailed as one of the best private communities within the state of Arizona, Pine Lakes is a community located in the spectacular Prescott National Forest. Due to its location, it’s wonderfully surrounded by beautiful views of the forest, making it ideal for those who want to live a comfortable yet adventurous life.

Despite being located in a forest, it’s just five miles away from the city, so going back and forth wouldn’t be that much of a hassle.

6. Tucson Meadows

From the name itself, this community is located in Tucson, Arizona. It comes with the perfect vibe, which is ideal if you want to relax and have fun during your golden years. Moreover, the place is designed to provide you with a ton of indoor and outdoor activities.

If you’re into RVs, then you will surely enjoy a community spot specially designed for recreational vehicles known as the Winter Haven.

7. Robson Ranch

Another pet-friendly community for retirees, Robson Ranch, offers tranquil and quiet living in a gated community. It comes with the necessary facilities, including medical centers, indoor and outdoor activities, and more.

Apart from that, it’s situated within 60 miles away from both Tucson and Phoenix, granting quick and easy access to two international airports within Arizona.

8. Montesa

Montesa offers a variety of exciting amenities for retirees such as a venerable desert paradise, resort-style amenities, and more. They provide a 2,700+ square-foot fitness center for residents to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle, tennis courts, billiards, and more.

It also comes with native terrain, which allows residents to engage in walking, hiking, and cycling. It’s a rural desert setting that doesn’t distance itself too far away from the city. 

9. SaddleBrooke Ranch

Surrounded by magnificent mountain views and the Sonoran Desert terrain, SaddleBrooker Ranch is no doubt one of the best places to retire. Thanks to its location, you can appreciate a quiet sanctuary which is quite far from the busy pace of life. This makes it all the more ideal if you’re planning for retirement.

Apart from its amenities, there are many activities you can take part in and new interests to discover in the area.

10. Palm Creek Golf & RV Resort

Located in Casa Grande Arizona, Palm Creek comes with world-class amenities that will help 55+ living a lot more convenient, fun, and exciting. You can find pickleball courts, golf courses, art workshops, and more depending on what you find interesting. 

Apart from that, you can get access to their sparkling swimming pool where you can relax after a day of touring the area. If you’re adventurous, then you can also take part in their outings to various historical attractions around Casa Grande.

11. Brentwood West

Brentwood West is an excellent combination of Mesa’s urban flair and serene living. Its gated community offers you that sense of security and peace of mind as you relax and enjoy its many amenities. 

You can relax on their poolside and bathe under the Arizona sunshine. You can also engage in an active lifestyle at the fitness center, take a morning stroll, play billiards, and a whole lot more!

12. Mountain View

A retirement community situated near the Sonoran Desert, Mountain View offers you a lot of opportunities for both indoor and outdoor recreation. Some fantastic parks and trails will help you keep an active lifestyle after retirement. 

Apart from that, there are various amenities to give you an enjoyable living, such as a clubhouse, heated swimming pool, fitness center, pickleball courts, and more!

13. Rancho Mirage

The magnificent Superstition Mountains in Apache Junction makes the perfect backdrop for this peaceful and serene 55+ retirement community. At Rancho Mirage, every day will feel like a vacation with all of the exclusive amenities and activities that the residents can enjoy.

There are two tennis courts, a community library, covered picnic area, heated swimming pool, and a whole lot more for anyone above 55 to enjoy! 

14. La Casa Blanca

Another beautiful retirement community in Apache Junction, La Casa Blanca is among the friendliest neighborhoods you can retire. It’s also situated close to the Superstition Mountain and the Sonoran Desert which gives it that warm and adventurous vibe.

That aside, it’s also conveniently located near the Harbor International Airport, which is just 30 miles away.

15. Desert Harbor

With a location close to the Sonoran Desert and the majestic Superstition Mountain, Desert Harbor is a perfect example of desert beauty and active 55+ living. There’s a wealth of exclusive amenities which will help keep your golden years in the area as convenient and fun as possible.

You can head to the clubhouse for socializing, swim in one of their two sparkling pools, marvel at the mountain’s scenic views, and a whole lot more!

16. Crescent Run

As a resident of Crescent Run, you can get to enjoy viewing the magnificent Superstition Mountains. As one of Arizona’s newest and biggest mobile home retirement communities, Crescent has a slew of amenities which are all accessible at very affordable rates.

Those aside, you have the opportunity to visit historical towns, spectacular scenery, Native American ruins, and more surrounding the area.

17. Sun Valley

Sun Valley is a resort-style community designed for residents 55 and beyond. It’s a vacation-style community which features a hometown atmosphere that you could experience in the city of Apache Junction.

With all the amenities the place has to offer, it will feel like you are on vacation every single day.

18. Lost Dutchman

Live the retirement life you’ve been dreaming of at Lost Dutchman, a community that offers a vacation-style living in a peaceful, quiet, and friendly neighborhood. Apart from its amenities and activities that the community has to offer, it also has the unique boutique Blue Star resort which provides a dedicated spot for those with a recreational vehicle!

19. PebbleCreek

Situated in Goodyear, PebbleCreek is strategically located in an ideal location that has access to just about everything! That aside, it also offers its residents with vast recreational and social opportunities. 

You can get to enjoy its peaceful and tranquil surroundings, revel in its lavish landscaping, engage in various activities, and more.

20. Renaissance Luxury Living

If you’re looking to live a retirement life in luxury, then Renaissance Luxury Living has you covered. It offers a warm and inviting community that comes with top-notch services for its residents.

Moreover, you can get to enjoy picturesque desert reviews, a relaxing ambiance, and a ton of other amenities and activities. 

21. Emeritus

Situated in a beautifully landscaped ground, Emeritus offers peaceful living without being too far away from various facilities such as shopping centers, banks, and medical facilities. They’re also known for providing care to the elderly who live within the community.

22. Fortuna de Oro

A relaxing place you can call home, Fortuna De Oro is a carefree community that’s guaranteed to fill your golden days with excitement. It has a ton of engaging activities. Fortuna de Oro comes with more than 1,200 sites, a brand new sports complex, pools with spas, a 9-hole golf course, and an onsite restaurant, to name a few.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also head to the nearby lakes, go hiking, or traverse the ATV trails around the area.

23. Reserve at Fox Creek

Last on the list is Reserve at Fox Creek located in Bullhead City. As a retirement community, the place comes complete with all the necessary amenities and facilities that retirees need. Apart from that, they also offer a ton of possibilities for endless fun and relaxation.

You can get to socialize in their million-dollar clubhouse, take a dip at a sparkling pool, take a small stroll or ride a bike around the neighborhood, and a whole lot more!

Final Thoughts

A lot of retirees favor retiring in Arizona due to its warm weather and invigorating sunshine. Most of the mobile retirement communities in the state are all about giving their residents a safe, active, peaceful, and relaxing living.

If you’re planning to retire in Arizona, then this list of the 23 best communities in the state is perfect for you.

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